Trend: Fur

27 Oct

I love trends. While it is not a norm in fashion to look at the current season in season (strange sentence), I feel it is appropriate to begin with the Fall/Winter 2010 styles. I’m studying psychology and consumerism and looking at how people come to predict trends and the why they buy what they buy interests me a lot. So I’m going to focus on a trend and go in depth in the style. First and foremost, fur. Fur is back, and in a big way. I happen to love this. While PETA may hate me for this (and I swear I actually am very pro-environmental action. I recycle and take short showers and turn off lights and everything) I believe it is a timeless look and a phenomenal addition to any outfit. In fact, I was at my Grandmother’s house recently about to go to a family event and as we were leaving she asked me to grab her coat. Her old Escada jacket was hung up next to the most phenomenal fur coat I had ever seen. Turns out that not only is it phenomenal, but it is real and vintage (my great aunt’s). She was astounded when I told her that fur dominated the runways the fall/winter season, saying she had only left it in the upstairs closet “in order to pet it every once in awhile.” From Thakoon to Juicy Couture, I would be surprised if there was a show that went on without fur. In fact, Chanel went so far as to have fur in every single piece of the show. The multitude of vests that appeared in stores in preparation for winter have caught me off guard though, as they were not as well represented in the shows in the Spring.For your pleasure, here are some of my favorites from the runway and then some (more affordable, and mostly faux) options to purchase! I myself just recently invested in a very unusual Quotation: Sanctuary faux Rabbit coat (it is lavender I might add)…I will let you know how that goes when it arrives any day now!


Here are some (less expensive) runway alternatives…Mostly faux though they give one the feel of a fur jacket especially because the faux has progressed so much in the recent years that some of it actually feels like real fur…
P.S. Haven’t quite gotten a handle on the Photoshop erase background function so these pictures are a little choppy! A little slack for a bit please as I’m still learning! Enjoy!

1. An adorable Kate Spade faux fur leopard jacket: $595 from Bloomingdales
2. Via Spiga’s Faux Antonia coat: $313 from Bloomingdales as well
3. Theory’s cropped Raccoon vest for $895 at Bloomingdales
4. Free People’s “Almost Famous” Jacket from is $248
5. Patterson J. Kincaid’s unique and adorable Faux jacket: $268



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