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Happy Holidays!

29 Nov

Hey guys– just back from Thanksgiving break…what a week it has been! I’m off to class but I’ll post later. Xox hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving — who cares about the holiday weight 🙂


Designer Profile: Alice + Olivia

18 Nov

One of my all-time favorite lines by Stacey Bendet was launched at Barney’s in 2002. In only six years it has flourished into a really, impressively huge brand. Stacey herself has been on the Vanity Fair Best Dressed list for two years. She went into the business with her Penn classmate, Rebecca Matchett with their first collection being solely pants that they called “Staceypants.” True to the brand’s style, these were not your average pants. Bendet split from Matchett in 2003 and since then has expanded the pants line to a multi-million dollar franchise. In addition to the women’s contemporary line, Alice + Olivia as well as the childrens wear line she has Anthony + Mo for men and an exercise clothing line. At this point, it is hard to find a store of quality that does not carry this brand. From the beginning, Bendet pushed the limits of fashion in a way that is different but not intimidating.

Trend: Lace

16 Nov

What is there that is sexier than lace? Nothing. It evokes innocence and sexuality at the same time and provides limitless opportunities for innovative outfits. There is no avenue that this trend does not venture up:

Headgear for Lady Gaga: 

A dress ensemble for Olivia Palermo: 

Lace tape for the real enthusiast: 

Lace Shorts: 

Lace cut-outs: 

Lace Tops: 

Lace Heels by d&g: 

…and infinitely more. There are a supreme number of types of lace but the ones to look for are the kind that look antique and vintage. Some have stretch that I find a little off-putting but others like. While this trend was also for Spring/Summer 2010, it is more exotic for the Fall/Winter 2010. Rather than emphasize the exposure of skin – as was the trend in the warmer months – it is more romantic and less feminine in these colder months. Rather than be an accessory to the outfit it is the outfit this season. Be bold ladies and dare to try this risqué style!


15 Nov

Ugh, guys…I don’t even know how to describe the feeling I have. It’s been awhile since I’ve had access to a computer and internet disregarding the fact that I have had no time this week. I went up to see U Penn and completely fell in love. You would think that someone who was desperate to Transfer to a city and better suited school would feel more academically driven once finding where they wanted to be…I have the opposite. I have had NO motivation to do anything except sleep and watch re-runs of seinfeld.

I don’t have anywhere near the energy to do research and put together a pretty post (although I promise one tomorrow!) but some food for thought…The holiday season is coming up. To many, that just means gifts. To me, it means holiday parties and the need for many festive yet sexy dresses. Both parent friendly, and potential boyfriend enticing. Saks sent out an email about holiday dresses which instigated my first major procrastination of the day. Here are some selections from this email (holiday parties only– it is sacrilegious to not put all you have into new years girls.). Some of these may seem a big low key but you never know [oddly, there wasn’t much color in the Saks selection…I always vote color when given the option but I will listen to Saks]…depends on the party! I, for one, would choose the pale Nanette Lepore or Rag and Bone for my grandmother’s soiree and something more like the Parker or Haute Hippie for my family’s huge gathering…

  1. Diane Von Furstenberg “Sol Chiffon Dress” -$345
  2. Nanette Lepore “Luring Lover Sheath Dress” -$428
  3. Haute Hippie “Strapless Ruffled Cocktail Dress” -$495
  4. Alexander Wang “Goddess Tank Dress” -$595
  5. Rag & Bone “Edita Ruched Silk Long Sleeve Dress” -$495
  6. Alice + Olivia “Flyn Faux Snakeskin Dress” -$297
  7. IRO “Silk Chainmail Dress” -$321
  8. Parker “Sequin Dress” -$298


Net-A-Porter’s “New Classics”

11 Nov

This amazing website’s weekly magazine came out with a really interesting feature this week. It detailed what the new classic pieces are, a way to revitalize old classic pieces and bring them into the modern time. The way in which they did this was so inspirational to me that I am just going to give the highlights rather than incorporate my own ideas.

Here is the link to see their depiction:

And here is my overview of their analysis with examples from their “shop this style” page…

1. The Trench Coat: net-a-porter describes a way to bring this classic coat into the new era is by incorporating fur. Whether this is with a fur lined jacket or with the incorporation of a stole and a classic camel or trench coat, this look is always a classic. [1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Shearling Scarf and Dress, See by Chloé Trench Coat and Miu Miu Pumps 2. Elizabeth & James Jacket, Superfine Pants, Maison Martin Margiela Shoes, Yves Saint Laurent Bag 3. 3.1 by Phillip Lim Trench coat and Pants]

2.The Striped Shirt: this happens to be my absolute favorite look. I have always been in love with stripes, this never posed an issue shopping until the past few seasons where I’ve been emptying my pockets on numerous striped sweaters. The best part of this look is how multi-faceted it is. You can literally wear a striped shirt for any occasion. [1. Bird by Juicy Couture Shirt 2. A.P.C. Shirt, Rick Owens Blazer, Belstaff Shoes 3. Sandro Top, Stella McCartney Bag, Chloé Shoes, Sandro Shorts]

3. The Blazer: blazers seem to be holding true to their old form with minor changes in the way that they are worn. This look is often worn with contrasted colors or in unusual textures. [1. Moschino Cheap & Chic Jacket, Kain Shirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs Pants, Miu Miu Shoes 2. Michael by Michael Kors Jacket, Shirt and Leather Pants, Shoes by Emilio Pucci 3. Haute Hippie Blazer, L’Agence Shirt, Victoria Beckham Denim Pants, Christian Louboutin Shoes 4. Jacket by By Marlene Birger, Shirt by T by Alexander Wang, Pumps by Christian Louboutin]

4. Menswear-style White Shirts: This style, originally coined by Coco Chanel in the 1920’s, is experiencing a resurgence as menswear comes back in style. It is revitalized with a new way of wearing it; a more feminine way. Whether it is adding an edge to a strapless or short-sleeved dress ,worn open with a tank top under it or worn over-sized with a pair of nice pants, this look is timeless in any sense. [1. Paul & Joe Button Down, DKNY Blazer, Vanessa Bruno Shorts 2. J.Crew Shirt and Skirt, Sigerson Morrison Shoes, Blazer by Sandro 3. Button-Down by Equipment, Maje Skirt, Rick Owens Blazer, Shoes by Diane Von Furstenberg 4. Blouse by Equipment, Isabel Marant Jacket, Miu Miu Pumps, Pants by Vionnet 5. ALICE by Temperley Blouse, Vionnet Blazer, Miu Miu Pumps]

5. Double-Breasted Coat: A classic, classic jacket that everyone should own one of at least. Not really redefined at all just classic. [1. McQ Double-Breasted Coat, Paul & Joe Shirt under a Rag & Bone Sweater with J Brand Jeans 2. Diane Von Furstenberg Double Breasted Coat 3. Bird by Juicy Couture Double-Breasted Jacket, Blouse by By Marlene Birger, Brian Atwood Pumps]

Ralph Lauren’s Innovative Celebration

10 Nov








Tonight marks an amazing moment in both fashion and technological history. While Ralph Lauren is a staple of the traditional, tonight the company will celebrate its websites tenth anniversary in the most innovative way. This event is happening tonight in two locations: at 8PM at the Madison Avenue store and on New Bond Street at the London base. At this point, you are probably wondering what exactly this huge display will be…

The answer is complex. Put simply, it is a ten-minute long 4-D show that an estimated thousand people will witness in two locations across the world. In collaboration with a tech crew of close to one hundred (many of whom worked on the Harry Potter films) the audience tonight will watch, as a previously empty space will slowly be built, brick by brick, into the four-story masterpiece. After which, the doors will open and it will transform into a runway where many allusions to Ralph Lauren’s past in the fashion field will come down the runway. It is said there will be virtual models, polo teams, flowers, a four-story representation of the designer himself…anything you can imagine. While the technology behind this is insanely complex ($200 million dollars worth of complexity), it is going to revolutionize advertising and marketing in an unpredictable way.

If the opportunity presents itself, I would kill for the chance to bear witness to this moment in history so promise me you will attempt to attend! There are showings at 8:00 PM, 8:30 PM and again at 9:00 PM. Please let me know how it goes as I will be stuck at school toiling away on a Psychology paper due tomorrow!


Trends: Gold

9 Nov

What I find very interesting is the lack of any mention of the pervasive presence of Gold in any articles on the trends for the season. I love the way it feels to wear gold: it is so empowering and makes any outfit feel worthy of royalty. What is important to notice for this trend, though, it to make sure the gold looks like it is of quality. Obviously no one expects you to walk down 5th Avenue in a dress made of real gold leaf but there’s a difference between gold and cheap looking gold. My friend has an express bandage skirt in this beigey gold tinted color and I can’t bring myself to tell her looks horrendous because the color of the gold is so off. Whether it is a slight hint of gold such as a belt or embroidery, jewelry of any sort or a dress of solid gold, try it. This is a trend that one must be daring to use at first. I have to say the first time I stepped outside in my Torn by Ronny Kobo gold dress I felt a little ridiculous, but after a few minutes I acclimated and felt the allure of the dress and the style. Whether it is as subtle as a shoe or a clutch or as dramatic as a dress or top, this is definitely a hit for the fall. Do not let the season pass without experimenting with this!

Chanel: Hint of gold, Alexander McQueen, and two pieces from Elie Saab

  1. Torn by Ronny Kobo “Hilary Dress” -$363
  2. Sass and Bide “The People I Love Tee” -$150
  3. Torn by Ronny Kobo “Bella Pleated Metallic Dress” -$385
  4. Rachel Roy “Sequin Dress” -$1,495
  5. Elizabeth & James “Helena Dress” -$385
  6. Marc Jacobs “Pinked & Patented Oxfords -$295
  7. Tory Burch “Reva Glitter Ballet Flat” -$235


History: Chanel 2.55 Bag

8 Nov

A bag that rivals the Birkin Bag in age and in style is Coco Chanel’s infamous “Chanel 2.55 Bag.” Of course, as with any masterpiece, there is a story behind the bag (although not one as charming as Jane Birkin’s influence on Dumas. Quite simply, in the early 1920’s, Coco tired of having to hold her purse in her hands and wanted to create a bag that would leave them free to do whatever need may be. Her inspiration for the shoulder strap came from the straps on soldier’s bags. The first version went on the market in 1929, although it was revamped in February of 1955—hence the name “2.55” for the date. Every feature of this bag has significance to Coco and therefore it is worth detailing the different aspects, mostly from her childhood.

The burgundy lining inside the original black bags was inspired by the color of the uniform Chanel wore each day to her school in the south of France, the Aubazine School. Also influenced by her schooling was the pattern of quilting on the outside of the bag: it’s been reported that the pattern on the cushions of Coco’s couch in her apartment as well as the riding coats worn by jockey’s and the stain glass windows in the abbey at Aubazine all contributed to this world renowned style. This style of quilting is now a universal symbol of Chanel. The inside pocket of the bag that closes with a zipper is said to have been put in so that Coco could conceal love letters she received from her current lover. The outside flap of the bag is where she concealed her money. Some of the bags have the interlocking C’s logo while others have a different front lock called the “Mademoiselle Lock” (because Coco Chanel was never married).

In 2005, under Lagerfeld’s leadership, the 2.55 was reissued under the identical design from fifty years previous. The bag was called the “reissue 2.55.” Now there are thirty new designs for this bag produced per year, with a staff of people whose sole job it is to work on this infamous bag. While in the past the majority of the 2.55 were black, now they come in any style imaginable.

Designer Profile: Elizabeth & James

4 Nov

For the longest time I was absolutely in the dark that this phenomenal fashion company (in my top five that I buy from) was that of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They launched this line of contemporary fashion in 2007, simultaneously with the higher end line called The Row. The line is named after their two siblings, Elizabeth and James…obviously. This line is a perfect manifestation of the Olsen’s effortlessly look that combines different cuts (both masculine and feminine) and their boho “homeless” chic look they are so well known for. While there are no runway shows as of yet, here are my samples (all of which I would buy right this instant if I had the cash) of the best of their fall line…

  1. “Mason Platform Pumps” -$375 [On Sale at Bloomingdales]
  2. “Soma Ruched Tulle Dress” -$445 at Net-A-Porter
  3. “Lee Print Silk-Georgette Skirt” -$245 at Net-A-Porter
  4. “New Belle de Jour Dress” -$365 at
  5. “Washed Satin Bustier Dress” -$395 at Net-A-Porter
  6. “Belinda Shredded Sweater” -$295
  7. “Tank Shift Dress” -$465 at Bergdorf Goodman


Mixing the old with the New

3 Nov

In my family there is a plethora of old clothing. Whether it is obscenely patterned Escada button downs from many seasons ago or old skirts from the 60’s, old (vintage) is always in style. This happens to be my favorite look as well, one that I try to mix into my daily wardrobe. The mixing of decades can work with different styles as well. For instance a very conservative piece can be made ultra-chic with the right accessories. I was looking through the Bloomingdales website at Milly’s line and I came across a dress that I would never wear — too of a type if you know what I mean — but I saw huge potential in it. So with this Milly dress, here is how I would dress it up…

Milly "Simone Chain Print Dress"Milly “Simone Chain Link Dress” -$395

Vera Wang “Larissa” Boot/Elizabeth and James “Stare” Boot

DVF Leather Jacket/BE & D Belt/Antik Bantik Necklaces