Pre-Fall 2011: The Row

7 Feb


Around the one year anniversary of their first runway show — the Row put out a very clean Pre-Fall line. While on first glance it may seem like there isn’t much to brag about in this line, there are definitely a few standouts. The Olsen Twins have long established styles of casual/boho chic. Their RTW line takes this style up a notch, for fashionable work clothing for a boho girl. They are consistent with their vision which is an admirable trait. Most standout to me is the black blazer that has an uneven hem (second row). It is just a to die for piece. Very elegant but has an edge, for someone who is more than meets the eye. I also love the long lace dress. Somehow, the twins managed to do a black lace dress that HASN’T been done yet, a feat I previously thought impossible. The variations of blazer/pants were the main event of this show — ones in leather, nude, mixed matched materials…an innovative take on an old idea.


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