Best of Spring/Summer 2011 Runway

9 Feb

Although the Lanvin green/grey with the dragonfly dress is getting a huge amount of press – I like the red, one strap version better. The simplicity of the dress is where one can see the brilliance of the design. The two tones of red with the simple leather brown belt show glamour and style. The way that the bottom of the dress moves around the model as she walks down the runway is the kind of look one expects from an editorial not a runway — you can’t fake that. It’s gorgeous and flattering and brilliant from Lanvin.

While I don’t do a lot about Carlos Miele, I thought that this dress was beautiful and innovative. The simplicity of the white contrasted with the creped, tulle looking material in the bold lemon yellow is beautiful and works so well. It’s a very spring/summer dress and radiates warmth. This is a look I would love to see at an awards show although I don’t expect too!

This Aquilano e Romondi looks like a combination of the previous two dresses in an odd way. What I love about it is the combination of masculinity and femininity which is all the rage right now. The shapelessness of the boxy, probably cropped, bright yellow crew neck with an interesting, thick hem is contrasted by the femininity of the form fitting red skirt with the high slit. The simple belt ties the whole outfit together creating a one of a kind look that is totally wearable on an any-day basis and interesting and stylish.

Wow I didn’t realize how much yellow I put in this one image! The Naeem Khan dress I love for the color — the pale, sunshine yellow is so rarely done (except on this page…) and the intricacy and beauty in the embellishing all over the top is great. The whole look provokes a really beautiful image and is reminiscent of like, the Pridelands and Lion King as childish as that sounds.

Agin, the Michael Kors look contrasts femininity and masculinity. Each piece is a masculine cut yet when combined they come off feminine in a totally fabulous, chic way. The oversized work pants with the trench coat over the grey cropped sweater and open white button down — it’s a woman’s take on men’s work clothes. This is utterly sexy and chic in such an odd way.

The spring Christian Siriano collection was to die for. Literally, picking pieces from it was like ripping out my toenails it was so difficult. I settled on this one because of the unusual cut and the print. Siriano uses lots of prints and unusual cuts but this one look had, what I consider to be the most beautiful print he used in the show, the red sheer material with black printing on it. The red sheer is wrapped over a simple strapless grey dress and comes to a crest over the shoulder in such an unusual way. While many of Siriano’s pieces are unusual, this one is on another level. It isn’t a statement dress, it is just a beautiful gown.


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