Best of the Spring/Summer 2011 Runway

9 Feb

Oscar de la Renta can do no wrong. This seasons collection was made for the redcarpets. Lea Michele already wore one look to the Golden Globes (linked below). The glamour is inherent in these gowns. The colors were intense and strong and the bustles on certain areas accentuated aspects of the dress and the swoop of the bust is so unusual and interesting. The seafoam green is just an example of why, when given simple glamorous dresses, one should always go couture. This gown could easily be made by a lesser brand but the look would not be as gorgeous and genuine.

Sarah Burton can do McQueen almost as well as McQueen himself. The avian quality to this dress makes it look it can literally soar off the runway through the crowd. Not only is the feathered bottom bustle gorgeous and intense but the structured, thick shoulders and turtle neck make it look as if this is all part of the same piece and body. This dress looks as if it is part of her. It’s beautiful and amazing and I love it.

The Matthew Williamson dress is not one of my favorites but I think that the print of it is so fabulous. The mixture of snakeskin colors with turquoises and yellows is creative and ingenious.

Nina Ricci gets acclaim for a lot of her looks, but rarely are they ones that are bursting with color. I love this dress with the way that it looks windblown and swoops. The feathered quality on the shoulder and straps and the depth to the dress despite the mono-tonality of it.

Pucci. This is one of the greatest Pucci looks I have ever seen. It looks like cowgirl chic, with the leather jacket and neutral color palette. The typical Pucci pattern that the fashion house is so famous for is in transformed into the neutral shades of brown which maintain the personality just take it to a whole new level. The braided belt under the bust in the same pattern gives the dress a shape. It’s a beautiful look.

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