Best of the Spring/Summer 2011 Runway

9 Feb

The looks in the Peter Som Spring collection were simple, it was the neon colors that made it so interesting. Literally, I have never seen colors like this. The cuts and the designs were unique, but not as amazing as the colors themselves.

The Donna Karan show was desert inspired and everything had a neutral, earth tone — very Karan’s style. This one dress is so elegant, with the braided collar loosely holding the dress up. The pattern of the dresses literally looks like the earth. The full length, gown with the cuff is just a complete look.

The Yves Saint Laurent look I love because it is a matching crop top with long, maxi skirt with a bustle. It’s such a beautiful look and has pieces of other collections combined into this look — for example, it reminds me a lot of the Prada piece I wrote about earlier.

Proenza Schouler was one of my favorite shows of the season. It is gorgeous, innovative, classic, to die for, all of those adjectives. Talk about mixing patterns? The white/black tweed style blazer with the scoop style and thick piping covers the yellow and white block striped top that looks tweedish as well and the lime with black tweed style skirt. They’re so interesting and amazing. The simple, watermelon colored, oversized jacket has a small notch that changes it up from a simple style. I am so eager for the fall collection, it’s going to be phenomenal I have no doubt.

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