Best of the Spring/Summer 2011 Runways

9 Feb

This Versace piece is just so fabulous. The fringe and beading in multiple colors creates literally an orgasmic visual piece. I love the short dress and short sleeves.

You know that hairstyle from middle school where you arbitrarily put hairties in your ponytail and create a puffed look between ties? This Giambattista Valli dress reminds me of that, except in a fashionable gorgeous way. I love the yellow floral print on the sheer material and the thick white banding that creates the bubble. The white bustier with the embellishing is cool, although I do think that in combination with everything else it is a bit much.

AH! Prada with some crazy prints. I love the combination here — the sea green and blue and the bold yellow. The pattern looks as if it’s symmetric over the waist with the yellow pattern that reminds me of ornate moldings on vintage chairs. The bustle at the bottom of the skirt just adds that little edge that pushes it into, so cool.

The Spring Rodarte collection was fabulous. I love this look especially because it reminds me of a fashionable cardboard box. The way that the sections of the skirt are stiff and cut and although embellished still look simple. It is a dress that is full of character, which is why I love it so much.

I’m in love with nude blazers. Anne Valérie Hash’s take on the nude blazer is less structured, a look that I really like. It’s simple with the v-neck and shorts, a very nice look for the upcoming season. As I said earlier, I just love seeing simpler looks mixed in with the elegance on the runway. It shows the versatility of a designer.

Mixing bold patterns is big for the Spring season. This is a really easy way to do it, one that wouldn’t attract looks from the less fashionable as other looks sometimes do. The shorts are wonderful. The khaki with little print is perfect with the navy silk patterned top.

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