The Best of Spring/Summer 2011 Runway

9 Feb

The next round is upon us!

I love this look from Malandrino — the off the shoulder, deep red gown with interesting material woven into the main garment is great — it reminds me of when someone braids a piece of ribbon into their braid and you can’t stop looking at it wondering how they did it and how it works. This is an entrancing gown.

The Issa look is less glamorous and less couture. That said, it’s a very chic and appropriate take on the crop top and a flattering pair of flowing gaucho-style pants. The colors for the entire Issa collection were stunning, not a dress without a bolt of beautiful color. The turban gives the entire thing a different feel which I quite like. It’s a great style, although only wearable by those in fabulous shape.

This Lela Rose gown reminds me of past Marchesa. Not an utterly original idea with the structured hoop skirt and bustier top but I love the execution.

I adore Alberta Ferretti. I thought this look encompassed her entire collection in an unusual way. The embroidery that the top is composed of is a key look in the rest of the collection — embroidered onto different pieces or creating them (I hope that that made sense). The sheer, dyed bottom of the look is not only beautiful but so on point with the sheer trend this coming season. Also, it took me awhile but they are actually flowing pants, Arabian style, which are gorgeous, and again, totally on point with the season.

The Dolce & Gabbana show was beautiful and is also getting a lot of attention in editorials and on the red carpet (see my other blog where one Dolce & Gabanna dress is shown in numerous editorials and red-carpets). The floral theme permeated both D&G and the Dolce & Gabbana shows. I like this look because it’s innovative. While many lines did the hot pants, they are not the main focus of this look. The floral jacket is. I love this jacket because it’s unusual for such a couture brand to focus on so simple a wardrobe piece as a comfortable jacket — this one looks almost like a hoodie. The cut and pattern are beautiful and I applaud giving such a simple idea such beauty and uniqueness.

I wasn’t a fan of the spring Erin Fetherston collection. I did love this one dress though. The orange silk that makes the main component of the dress is entrancing. The color is perfect, any lighter it is too light and any darker and it is too intense. The shape is very flattering for a normal woman’s figure, something many dresses do not do justice. The nude sheer material that the bottom section is composed of both embodies the trend and allows a woman to show of her heels — something most gorgeous gowns do not allow.

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