Fall 2011 RTW: Carolina Herrera

14 Feb

Considering the intensity of the Spring collection, I was expecting a lot more extravagance for the fall. Although, it does makes sense to tone it down a bit after a show of that magnitude. As always for fall, there is an emphasis on outerwear and, for this season, fur. Herrera had some beautifully cut furs and some even more impressive woolen jackets that made me want it to be colder on this nice day just to provide the opportunity to fantasize! This was a collection almost wholly without any embellishments — save for the beautiful cocoa colored gown with white pieces sewn on. It was simple with the main oomph of the show in the colors and cuts. As always, the dresses is where the talent for design really comes out. My favorite is the aqua with what look like deep eggplant paint strokes going down it, cut in the most unusual manner — a structured wrap dress — with a little red belt. Then she progressed to strapless numbers and finally ended on an intriguing dress with long sleeves but no shoulders that looks like a very well made cappuccino — the layers of creamy, coffee color folding on top of each other. It was definitely an interesting dress.

Credit: style.com

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