Fall 2011 RTW: 3.1 Phillip Lim

16 Feb

I love Phillip Lim. I just had to get it out there before I continue with my review. So, preshow, Lim was in an interview about his inspiration (yada yada I know it’s the same drill). In this interview, he started by calling attention to the hairdos of the models — the knot over the straight hair, a style I do sloppily when I’m going for the half-up/half-down business. This was a hint to his inspiration, apparently, from gangs — specifically Latin gangs — where this is how they wear their hair. The theme is evident through the rest of the show more than in the hair, which I didn’t really get. There was determination in all of the models while walking though, conveying their gang-like attitudes and the minimal acting required for a runway model. This influence of gangs was seen in many areas — the prints on the cropped looks and the over-sized clothing, mostly pants — apparently the Latin gang members buy pants too big and fold them over. This manifested in some really cool pants for women that were oversized but fitted towards the end, a look that sounds ick but looks delish. With the strange inspiration, this show was so Lim. It was chic, it was sporty, it was structured, it was unusual. He incorporated some fabulous colors and materials — “futuristic fabrics” as he calls them, saying that by easing them into his collections they will become more mainstream. Who knows, it’s probably true. I loved this collection though and my devotion to Philip Lim remains intact. Phew.

Credit: WWD.com

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