Fall 2011 RTW: Marchesa

16 Feb

The idea that Miss Havisham was inspiration for multiple collections this fall baffles and amazes me. I’m stunned yet so pleased by the impact of this literary icon. Before I even read the article stating that Dickens’ was where they got their inspiration, I remembered Gurung’s show and saw very similar characteristics and wondered if it was a similar inspiration. The idea of decaying elegance is one that is difficult to portray well, to create the elegance and they decrepitation without ruining pieces. They don’t walk the runway in these gowns because in motion the viewer misses so much of the intricacies and elaborate aspects of the intense works. There were the thinnest cut mermaid dresses of tulle with intricate embellishment and uneven cuts (the portrayal of Havisham I assume). They did not shy away from color — but when have they ever, creating amazing, structured looks with layers on layers of boldly colored fabric that reek of the romance of the Victorian era. The black over-coat looking piece with the sheer, embellished dresses that looks as if it is literally melting away in the most elegant fashion on the model…This is elegance that not everyone can create and why Marchesa has created the name for itself that it has. These gowns are red-carpet ready, center stage in a film ready, drool over my computer ready… I told my dad I was going to get married in Marchesa — he snorted, saying he’ll believe it when he sees it. I would go broke and live in a hole with my wardrobe if I could own a Marchesa. Just to wear around, I don’t even need an occassion.

Credit: WWD.com

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