Fall 2011 RTW: Michael Kors

16 Feb

This was Kors 30th anniversary in fashion. An impressive feat. He quickly created such a following and such a niche in the market that I can’t believe it has only been thirty years. Because of this milestone, Kors said he wanted to incorporate aspects of each decade that he has been in fashion into this show. He said he used: “The sporty decadence from the Seventies, the athleticism of the Eighties, restraint from the Nineties and from the Aughties, a little exuberance.” And fit with his ideals as well, of course, which apparently are to “make people look longer, leaner, leggy; showing off skin; comfort.”Which sounds kind of condescending and size-ist when I type it but while looking at his show it’s successful. This was one of the most elegant, true collections I have ever seen. As usual, he stuck to a palette of mainly neutral tones — an emphasis on whites and gray’s with the occasional dash of red. There were clean lines and flowing pieces. There were some that were pretty risqué — although they didn’t really do it for me. There were amazing furs and dynamite evening wear. The gowns were embroidered with crystals and cut so beautifully. The last one, one of the coolest, looks like a dress but is really a playsuit, a jewel encrusted play suit. Well done Kors, here’s to another 30 years.

Credit: WWD.com

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