Fall 2011 RTW: Milly

16 Feb

Possibly unintentionally, one of my favorite aspects of the show was how it started off with intense fall colors and then, as the end approached, they got more springy and neon — warming us up for this current season without getting stuck in the next. Milly’s raison d’être is a mix of preppy/girly/color in my opinion. Michelle Smith stuck to this ideal in this collection There were some fun maxi coats and a lot of 70s inspired gigantic, bell bottomed pants. Also included as a new style we haven’t seen much on the runway, I learned the name of it from a review in WSJ, it’s a “culotte,” the new cut of shorts that are long and loose and made in corduroy and wool in this collection. My favorite looks (shocking I know) were the elegant floor length dresses — some were jacquard, some silk and all beautifully cut and colored. She also emphasized layering — sometimes to an extreme with dresses and sweaters and jackets, or two blouses and a jacket and pants. It’s a great style to look at I would just imagine it feels awkward with so many levels of material between one and the outside world.

Credit: WWD.com


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