Fall 2011 RTW: Anna Sui

17 Feb

I’m going to get really honest here. I usually get bored of Sui by the end of the show. It’s not that it’s ever a boring collection — but within the limits she sets for herself there is very little variation. Not with this collection, not even a bit. God…it was amazing. She was inspired by an exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London that I wish I could have seen called the “Ballets Russes.” This was just fashion inspiration waiting for the first taker, apparently. The second factor in her inspiration is the great story of the Ormsby-Gore sisters who bought the entire collection of costumes in the 60’s from an auction and wore them without occasion. I was curious about what these looked like but couldn’t find photos online. This is just the out-of-the-box story that would inspire Sui to create such an amazing collection. This collection would be impressive without the magnificent story behind it which only serves to bolster and connect the pieces.

For a minimalist season — her prints really stood out. The neon green was fabulous and intense and represented in many prints. It added an oomph that the collection was really missing. There’s not much to say about the clothes themselves, just to let your eyes wander on them and experience them. I loved the emerald leather set — jacket and skirt, with the intense green and white print shirt underneath. I truly loved this collection in a way that I didn’t love the cowboy-inspired Spring one.

Credit: style.com

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