Fall 2011 RTW: Charles Anastase

20 Feb

Anastase’s collections are always an acquired taste and while I consider myself open minded, his pieces are often a little too off the beaten track for me. This collection was not the case, I loved it. His quirky character was intact throughout the show but he made some dynamite looks. There were the simple jackets and simple two-piece looks. Many structured skirts and a lot of pastels. Those were the simple pieces. There were was a lot of sheer material incorporated in probably half of the looks — some tastefully done, others less so. The cake-takers in my opinion were the patterns. There were clovers embellished on velvet play-suits or skirts. The all leather ensemble with the snakeskin etching was just amazing. The fact that there was absolutely no diversity in pattern style and cut in the whole outfit despite that it was composed of many separate pieces was just wonderful. Anastase took the sequin trend to a whole new level with a skirt of giant cut pieces sewn together — a zoom in on sequins kind of. There were many pieces composed of this — a dress, top but it was the skirt that was the most amazing. Then, last but not least, the amazing red dress with the mythical looking black horse printed on it. I thought this was just so amazing and beautiful and intriguing. There is so much character to the print and then on the simple background of the intense red, this is really a dress with a story.

Credit: style.com


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