Fall 2011 RTW: Mulberry

20 Feb

How absolutely delicious is the collection? Can I just preface by saying I’ve been wearing knee socks for years and getting mountains of shit for it. Literally, of all my quirky fashion choices knee socks are the ones I am criticized for the most. And now they are in style? Take that, Sarah. The Mulberry show was better than any of the collection’s shows I can remember. It was very well rounded and very beautiful. The sixties inspiration could be seem most prominently in the chosen medium of material used — corduroy, tweed, quilted leather… This was a stereotypically English collection, and I mean that in the most fabulous way. There were some fun, rural-feeling prints of birds and unusual florals on many of the dresses, which I really liked. The shoes were fabulous — either little, tan, leather booties or longer ones that really highlighted each look without shirking behind them. The vest-dress was unusual both in color and in cut and I really liked it. Also, the show started in a kind of opposite fashion than usual — highlighting the gold, metallic dress that was clearly the high-point of evening wear in the first look. I loved the break from tradition with that statement, kind of symbolizing the entire collection.

Credit: style.com

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Clemence Poesy in Mullbery at the Show After-Party

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