Fall 2011 RTW: No. 21

23 Feb

This was nowhere near the collection I expected to see. It started off really simply — a little too simply, like JC Penny simply if they showed at Fashion Week. The first look with a bit of flair was the skirt with the sheer lace panel in the middle. That’s definitely a new idea but I don’t really like it. I love mini skirts and I love sheer, but I don’t want people to see my coochie through a see through panel in my skirt, it’s so trashy in my opinion. There was a pale rose shimmery robe and many button-downs in various colors paired with pants, skirts…anything. Then all of a sudden, in the midst of all the minimalism, was a series of four or five looks that were glam. Starting with the fur top — deadly gorgeous, they transitioned to a series of peach sequined cocktail looks. Some had ostrich feather skirts, others were dresses with other color sequins thrown in or a simple top with the ostrich and colors along the bottom…many combinations. After that there was a strange fade back into minimalism. There were some seriously plunging necklines and some dangerously dangling breasts out of these. It just felt forced. Some of the pieces were beautiful, others were interesting, most were just there.

Credit: WWD.com

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