Fall 2011 RTW: Etro

25 Feb

There were definitely unusual and inspiring patterns at Etro’s fall show. Mostly, I was impressed by their innovative use of these patterns. Rather than fall into the same category as many other designers where patterns take over the main aspect of whatever look it is — the patterns here were not in the dominant piece. Jackets were simple and dresses were mostly black. The patterns came in the tops or the bottoms respectively and rarely together. There was a beautifully done piece with mesh black sleeves and an intricately patterned structural, middle piece. It was unusual because it played down the pattern for the design, something that the designers tend not to do. I loved this. Etro also experimented with cuts this season in a brilliant and new way. I loved this collection — in fact, Milan is turning out to be a real star. There is just complete precision throughout the shows. The clear desire to create a whole show — not just really beautiful pieces, but the entire collection. This is something that I would love to see from all designers, it’s important. I remember a Modest Mouse interview where they said they weren’t selling an album by song because it was the entire album that conveyed their message and intent with the album — this is what Milan is, so far. Each piece is part of the whole, adding to a collection. Without one, the collection would be lesser.

Credit: style.com

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