Fall 2011 RTW: Christian Dior

4 Mar

The past few days, Dior went from a runway staple to the most anticipated event of Fashion week. Will they show? Will it be a complete collection? Who will finish the collection that Galliano left uncompleted? What will happen? Who will replace him? All of these questions have mulled around my mind as well as most likely anyone else who is passionate and involved in the fashion community. Sidney Toledano, CEO of Dior, made a statement before the show addressing all the rumor’s surrounding Galliano and his deep offense at what was being talked about and how this in no way represents the ideas of Christian Dior nor anyone working there — read the entire, beautiful and appropriate speech here. The show itself was typical for Dior — nothing special or to write home about but it was beautiful and had some amazing pieces in it. There was a jacket that I thought was to die for and some really beautiful embellished dresses with the feminine flare that Dior is known for. The make up and piecing lacked Galliano’s signature intensity, but I don’t see how this could be emulated without him behind the helm. For me the most touching moment was the end. Galliano did not have time to finish this fall collection before his termination and the rest of the design team scrambled the past few days to get everything ready for this show — the entire team came out in lab coats to take their bow. It was touching and received a standing ovation — not for the show or any singular aspect except that they got everything together and worked so hard to overcome all that is being said right now. This was just such a touching moment and shows the unity and the beauty in fashion to me. It resonated. For fashion, Galliano’s termination and all the horrible gossip that surrounds it is a true blow and really will devastate many businesses as well as the loss of a real fashion genius. While Lagerfeld’s likening the loss of Galliano to McQueen is a little bold, I do see his point. Here is the photo of the design team taking the bow — I hope it touches you in the way that it touched me. I would love to hear any thoughts you have on the entire controversy!

Credit: style.com/thecut

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