Fall 2011 RTW: Akris

6 Mar

Oddly, the Akris show both did more for me and was more what I expected from Celine than what Philo actually did. It was minimalistic and modern but with a bit of an edge which was what the Celine show was missing I now realize. I loved this Akris collection though. The beginning was all suede and really well pieced together to create not tacky, overly suede looks but still use the suede and get the most out of it. Then there were the prints — such fun prints. The trees were my favorite but there were also really beautiful ones of cities and factories which were beautiful in a way that I didn’t even know was possible. Then came the jacket that was reminiscent of Margiela’s collection except done in a more feminine way. The deconstruction of the beautifully put together jacket was magnificent — the way that the bottom piece just kind of faded down. It did not look as if it were poorly made or old as is often the case with pieces like this, it looked intentional and really fabulously cut. The way that the pockets are in the bottom half was just the clincher, tying this together in a great way. I loved this collection much more than I had expected too.

Credit: style.com

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