Fall 2011 RTW: Givenchy

7 Mar

The animal influences in both this collection and Topshop were pretty fabulous. The entire first section were these fun panther prints on all black pieces with the ears in the black caps. It was really fun. Then there were the fun oversized knits with prints. Then the clincher were the beautifully patterned and elegantly structured dresses. They were absolutely stunning and in multiple colors — some with sheer panels other with fluffy knits. It was so exotic and elegantly put together. Tisci is a real genius and while as a whole these are pretty difficult to sell looks, the pieces are too beautiful to not be sought after. He’s a shoo in for the Dior post and I am really wondering if he will end up with it. An absolutely stunning collection

Credit: style/vogue

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One Response to “Fall 2011 RTW: Givenchy”

  1. Florene Fielden March 14, 2011 at 10:52 am #

    I will definitely recommend this to my friends

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