Fall 2011 RTW: Chanel

8 Mar

I may be committing sin in the fashion world, blaspheming the name of the god of fashion, but this Chanel collection was not it for me. Lagerfeld went all out — as is to be expected — and not in the midst of a real, gigantic glacier this collection took place in front of a volcano. Not a real one of course — although the soot and gravel that surrounded the runway was smoking and steaming as if it were. This set the stage for what was a very grim show. This entire collection reminded me of Lord of the Rings — although Lagerfeld would never admit it if that were his true influence — so gaudy for the king. It was the jackets that did it for me though — so ethereal yet grim, with the real weighted down feeling that is so glamorous and exotic. I would kill for some of these coats. After the coats, though, the collection went downhill to me. This is when Lagerfeld played with the menswear trend (and not for his men’s collection). In the Chanel styles and materials, the tweed looked wrong in this style and it looked so heavy. Even as mens clothes I would not be a fan of these. There were some huge dress mistakes — namely that there were only two or three. A huge selection of play suits though. The play suits were so masculine though — even when done in lace. I am usually entranced by the Chanel collections, but here I wasn’t. The Valli and Givenchy shows blew me away in a way that this one just did not. The torn and tattered bit worked really well the past few collections for Chanel, but I think it was pushed one season too far and just a little bit too much toward an extreme.

Credit: style.com


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