Fall 2011 RTW: Giambattista Valli

8 Mar

I mean…do you die the way that I did when you see these pieces? And this is not all. Usually I have absolutely no problem picking the looks I want to share — usually I put some I hate in just to even the score. I picked 15 from the collection and it pained me to narrow it down to six. I truly feel as if Valli is a staple name like Valentino or Prada that has been around for ages not just a few mere years. This collection just had it all — and is being widely considered his best collection. It started off really simply with a black/white palette and basic cuts and styles that cement a collection. A hint of yellow here, a hint there and all of a sudden it is full-blown yellow infusion and then slowly back to the black/white pattern. It started off with such grace and simplicity — at the risk of sounding like my grandfather it was poetic, musical — like a ballet with the way it worked its way up to the climax and then eased back down — rinse and repeat. The fabulous furs came next and were just stunning — I have not seen fur like this since last years Chanel, and before that I don’t even know when. The fur gave way to the red with a subtle overlap — transitions so subtle and so well done they did not even register the first time around. A series of red infused fur leading to the one and only print in the collection — a floral print lifted from a painting by whom I cannot remember. A few peplums, back to the black and white in really structured ways and then flow to a few more fun pieces — but still with that structured and restricted feel that is just so absolutely sexy. And then the end. I literally gasped at the first glimpse of that gorgeous red dress — that is red carpet worthy. Hell, that is like…I don’t know what’s above red carpet but it’s up there. This show inspired me. It was beautiful. It was perfect. I am speechless. Please, take a peek at the entire show if you feel so inclined: photos or video (not the best quality but tell me the music does not completely add to the ambiance).

Credit: vogue/style.com/youtube


Giambattista Valli Spring 2011 Runway Review


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