Fall 2011 RTW: John Galliano

8 Mar

Clearly, there has been a lot of turmoil surrounding this collection the past few weeks. I was not even going to post about it and didn’t even want to look at it — I don’t know where I stand on this situation and I try not to get involved. If those were his true feelings than I am horrified and disgusted but if it was a situation taken out of context then who am I to judge. Many in the fashion community have spoken out on behalf of Galliano and I do not believe it is something they would have done and risked their reputations if they did not truly believe. I am half jewish myself and while I do not practice, it is part of my history but my family makes jokes about our heritage and stereotypes all the time — it is important to find humor in everything so as to not get defeated by life.

On to the collection — it was beautiful. Whether or not this is a last collection, it certainly would be a really high point to go out on. There was such immense beauty and care in each piece and such intricate designs and patterns. The last piece, the killer one in my view — the emerald silk and embroidered piece, that’s just amazing. I mean, I could literally stare at it for hours. I’ve looked at all the detailed shots over and over and I just want to touch it and experience it not-virtually. The white fur coat with the high collar — like, literally, high collar — was brilliant, and so practical. Why this wasn’t pervasive on these runways especially with the winter that we have had I don’t know. I just loved this. Galliano really is a genius when it comes to fashion — and while I see Lagerfeld as overstepping a bit with his analogy to McQueen, I agree that a true innovative and creative fashion mind that can create such masterpieces is really rare.

Credit: style.com


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