Fall 2011 RTW: Stella McCartney

8 Mar

I’ve really never been a huge Stella fan, but this collection really changed that. Her classic merging of the dichotomy between masculine and feminine looks usually just sends me the other way — it is very literal and tends to look severe and overwhelming. Not here. Here it is perfect and elegant. She started of simply with a series of stunners. I do not know what it was about those transparent tulle-looking material with the puffed arms that looked infused with air that drew me in so completely. They are phenomenal and every second look like they are about to deflate but never do. There were tons — in a few different colors and in dresses, tops and paired with skirts or pants…they were killer. That could have been the only unusual piece and I would have been converted to McCartney. But no. The gold pieces and the numerous take on suits didn’t do anything for me — the pattern was nice but it really was a bit boring and the Gold overwhelming. The dots were amazing though. They manifested in both the 3D version where they are literally sewn onto the fabric and compose the dress and when they are in the material — they were the focus though and AMAZING. Absolutely amazing.

Credit: style/vogue.com


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