Fall 2011 RTW: Louis Vuitton

9 Mar

I was so geared up to love this show — I saw all of the comments about Marc Jacobs feelings on how fashion is an obsession and a fetish and how this inspired him and I was just already in love with the show. He brought back Kate Moss — who has not been on a runway since 2004 — and Naomi Campbell, to close out his show. Yet in spite of all of these amazing things I really hated the collection. I understood the intention and the farce meant to be inherent behind the clothing themselves. It just did not work. There was not a single piece that I thought looked good on the model. There were hot pants, hot pants, hot pants and then equestrian style pants with emphasized hips — literally, the only people these would look good on are those with hips that size. They crinkle and bunch on the model in such an unflattering way. The prints were boring and the furs were interesting but just not 100%, or even 70% ok. Each look was accompanied with a bag (of course) to signal the heritage of the line…A nice throwback to the big Vuitton himself. With the stunning shows that Jacobs produced in New York what is now weeks ago, I expected more. But three perfect collections would be unbelievable, right?

Credit: vogue.com

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