New York Fashion Week: Trends

15 Mar

Looking back, I am surprised by the trends that were/were not present in New York. Most notably was the almost complete absence of classic feminine looks. Obviously Tadashi Shoji, Marchesa…the couture names showed beautiful couture and airy, flowing pieces that absolutely radiated femininity but it was in a much more restrained manner and really not notable elsewhere. Minimalism was more than just a trend this season — it was essential. In new york we saw minimalism, a lot of patterns influenced from other cultures — mostly oriental but Proenza Schouler incorporated a lot of Native American patterns –, luxurious sportswear and a lot of pieces infused with a harsh modernity.

Minimalism is a hard look — in a venn diagram it would be that piece in the middle overlapping with the other circles. A lot of other current trends (i.e. Color blocking, modern inspired and chic sportswear) play off of the minimalism vibe.

I absolutely loved the prints for the fall. Many aspects of the season were lacking but the unusual prints were not one of them. The sources ranged from Jill Stuart’s wild animal prints, Thakoon’s love of the Masai Warriors, de le Renta and Lauren drawing from eastern cultures and Schouler with Navajo cultures to name a few. They were gorgeous and were really flattering on the models, something prints often inhibit.

Like minimalism, modern influences manifest in many different ways. In Paris there were a lot of structurally futuristic vibes but not so much in New York. In new york it was more material — the combination of sheer and lace, the delicacy contrasted with the intensely built skirt foundation had a completely futuristic vibe. “Digi-craft” was also big. That is the futuristic style of prints similar to the Preen style and other similar kinds.

What is there to say? This is a pretty solid trend the past few seasons. I am absolutely in love with the Rag & Bone shorts — the entire style.


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