Closet Inspiration…

21 Mar

Spring break = Spring cleaning = My favorite transition from winter to spring.

I currently suffer from an average sized closet — for some, this is a luxury. For me it is a burden. Clothes flood my room in various containers and I constantly look for new ways to rearrange it until I have a place of my own.

I search blogs and blogs but is where I really got inspiration for my own closet based on others who suffer from a strong love of fashion as well.

The first step I followed in rearranging  my closet was to solve the shoe problem…Tracy Taylor had an ingenious idea of taking Polaroid’s of each shoe to easily find in the closet.

Okay, this doesn’t mean anything but I fell in love with this Dries van Noten dress…

My closet is color coordinated — I find it impossible to find pieces without this system. I think it’s key to a functional wardrobe. I love the cute purses along the top. I’ve always thought of this type of rubber-covered structure as kind of tacky and just so not what I want in my closet, but it works here. It helps it function in the way that it needs which is really all that matters.

To end… a brilliant photo…Pheobe Philo is an icon and I love her, and this bag.

Credit: thecoveteur


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