“Sweet Valley Fox” — Wildfox Summer Lookbook

5 Apr

So, last summer I was on a date with this completely stunningly gorgeous guy who is an artist. He wants to go into photography, photo-journalism most likely, and his mother is in fashion. It was post-dinner, pre-clubbing and we were sitting on his couch and talking about my all-consuming love of fashion. We were talking couture, the Celine fall collection (2010) if I’m not mistaken, when he brings up Wildfox lookbooks. He says he has always been truly inspired by them when he saw them on his moms counter (she was in the business and now runs a really fabulous boutique in my town) and loves the retro vibe and the way they are styled and done. I have to say, looking through this collection of photos I really understand where he is coming from. Don’t you just want to leap in there and be friends with the models? Like intensely?

Models: fabienne-vanderhaeghen & Rose Costa Photographer: Henrik Purienne Styled by & Wearing: Wildfox

Credit: j’adorewildfox


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