Anna Dello Russo: An Introduction

11 Apr

As my friends can tell you, I admire Dello Russo to such an amazing extent. There is no one quite like her when it comes to fashion because she embodies it. She doesn’t admire it and critique it, she wears it. I’ve worked for a few days (in the midst of attempting to reassemble my academic career before the end of the semester) on assembling an ode to Anna Dello Russo for both your benefit and my own. While stumbling through now ancient pictures of the editor, I realized that if you scroll back to the very beginning of the 3 thread long Dello Russo TFS thread (which dates back to early 2008) she wasn’t half as inspirational a sartorialist as she is now. Whether this is on account of a change of fashion or she became more daring I don’t know…the things she wore in 2008 that may have been deemed risky (I was not as obsessed with her then as I am now so I do not know) are easy today — an ostrich feather skirt and a turtleneck? Honey I have that in my closet. Anyways…here’s a glimpse since I won’t be putting these up later. Dello Russo from early 2008:

Credit: TFS


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