30 Apr

Ladies, there comes a time in every woman’s life where your possessions outweigh your closet capacity. I have officially exceeded carrying capacity. Since I am moving back home (summer) I am faced with the forced assimilation of two closets — two, very full, closets. There is nothing that I need anymore — but being the fashion minded, and obsessed person that I am I cannot stop the consumption. For the summer, I’ve implanted rules — a) nothing simple, nothing without character or that even vaguely resembles an already owned piece b) i need jewelry, always worth it and necessary to outfits c) sunglasses which I will not break, lose or scratch…Something couture and not prescription (I do own prescription Pucci’s)…and possibly more that I can’t remember So here are my first investments of summer…woo! I’m really happy with all of them.

1) Jewelry — noir jewelry, gold dagger wrap around bracelet $120 (off of gilt, it was $50). 2) Blazer. Alexander wang, Leather-sleeved cotton-blend jacket for $770 (the miracle of the outnet, I got it for $271). 3) Opening Ceremony’s fair isle asymmetrical strap dress for $297 from Tobi. 4) Comme des Garçons clover embossed pouch for $138 — dreamy, and definitely unusual.

Everything (so far) is unusual and an asset to my closet. Can it get any better?


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