Drool Worthy Shoes.

17 May

1. Dsquared2 shoes from the Fall 2010 collection. These are the dreamiest pair of shoes I have ever seen. I have dreamed about them since the show last spring and will continue to until I own them — which is potentially never going to happen. Not only was the show stunning but these are just one of a kind. They singlehandedly started the obsession with skeletal pieces in couture which is still going on. There aren’t many shots from the runway but from backstage you can glimpse the shoes in all of the different styles they came in — the little bootie and full length leather boot — and again.

2. The lipstick shoes in various colors: Alberto Guardiani (can purchase here) I just think that these shoes are SO fun. They’re not as completely drool worthy as the Dsquared2 shoes but they’re interesting and a concept which one doesn’t really come across all the time. It’s been getting much more common to see unusual heels (Chanel’s lightbulb one for instance!) but this is a kind of satirical take on that.

Credit: TFS/albertoguardiani


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