Resort 2012: Escada, Etro & Just Cavalli

18 May

My family has a funny connection with Escada. Well, maybe not that funny. We have a relative who bought the most out there Escada pieces which now compose the vintage component of my wardrobe. I have yet to wear any of the pieces without a multitude of compliments. Anyways — the Resort collection for Escada was very simple. The colors were all pastels and it was calm and beach like. What one would expect from a Resort collection, no? I do absolutely love the first dress. It has a J. Mendel quality to it with the simplicity of the slightly ribbed and wrinkled fabric and the simple two-toned color palette. I love that dress.

The Etro collection was — very Etro. All patterns, all the time. Each look had a tribal, animalistic component. What I love about these pieces is that they are totally work ready for one who has to be more reserved in their dressing, while still expressing personality and creativity. The print blazer over the sheer blue blouse which Khaki colored straight legged pants is the epitome of the working women I will look like (unless I end up in fashion of course, in which I would still occasionally channel this look).

I don’t generally care for the Just Cavalli collections. They are watered down versions of Cavalli and the cuts never intrigue me. I love the second look though. Like love. It is the reason I posted these. The giant, uneven cut oversized two-tone top over the micro leopard print shorts is adorable.

Just Cavalli Fall 2011

Etro Fall 2011

Etro Spring 2011 Runway Review


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