Resort 2012: Erin Fetherston, Jill Stuart and Tibi

4 Jun

These were three small resort collections that took on very different ideas — all very retro as the seasons trends dictate. Erin Fetherston’s collection reminded me of kind of flapper dresses with their simple colors and structure but dose of flare and unusual quality and styling. The poof skirt is great and different than many collections direction so far. Jill Stuart took it to a complete different level — this collection taking a cue from her Fall 2011 collection with the seventies inspiration and the patterns. I love the red sheath dress — red is such a powerful color. And of course, Tibi. My saving grace, the love of all collections. This Tibi collection was small yet really used it’s assets. The gold reminded me of that Dior piece from their Resort collection with a different spin on it. The play suit is just stunning. I’m not really ever a huge fan of the style but this completely works for me.


Tibi Fall 2011

Erin Fetherston Spring 2011 Runway Review

Jill Stuart Fall 2011


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