Resort 2012: Marc Jacobs & Marc by Marc Jacobs

17 Jun

I’m always a little torn when it comes to Marc Jacobs. I know that he is a complete fashion icon and I don’t doubt the validity of that in the slightest. Yet his collections often lack that oomph in my opinion. Most likely this is just a case of personal preference but whatever that feeling is, for the most part it was missing for this collection. I loved the idea behind this show. The intense paisley in the muted neutrals has such a sarcastic edge to it. These pieces should be heinous but they’re gorgeous. I was feeling the party girl dresses much less but they kept with the ideal of the show which was good enough for me.

Don’t ask me why, but Marc by Marc Jacobs has always been my weakness collection. For a diffusion line, it tends to have a stronger feel to it. I think this may be because there is less pressure for high fashion, the high-end line is the one that garners most of the press and attention while Marc by Marc flies alongside it. I loved this collection. LOVED. The inspiration was definitely the same yet taken on a more fun, less mature route for this show. There were florals, sequins and that stunning quilted vest that I would buy in the midst of summer I love it so much. The paisley was definitely present but in less of a snooty fashion, less sardonic than it was for the main line. This collection takes the cake for me.


Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 Collection

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2011


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