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Better in Person: Theyskens’ Theory

5 Aug

I’ve always gotten the hype behind Olivier Theyskens collaboration with Theory. That said, I never craved the pieces until I saw them in person. Last week I was at Barney’s doing a day-play with my mom. We did the usual — stock up the big dressing room until nothing fit with anything we may possibly like. I saw this Theyskens’ dress that we both thought was cool but didn’t necessarily understand. It went in the dressing room for shits and gigs — the way you sometimes put an Alexander Wang runway piece in just to see if you can figure out how to get it on. After falling head over heels with a 3.1 Phillip Lim bouse and DVF skirt, I was ready. Mom was stuck in some strange A.L.C. piece that not even a sales associate could figure out how it was supposed to work. As we tried to make the dressing room look presentable before paying (having both worked in sales, we have the utmost respect for the pain in the ass it is to clean a dressing room), I noticed that the Theyskens’ Theory dress had somehow gotten lost in the shuffle. Mom said just to slip it on, why leave 95% done? I had one of those out of body experiences once I slipped it on. It literally fit like a glove and my mom just sat down in awe. Completely wordlessly it was established that this piece had to be a component of my wardrobe.

Yesterday, we did another quick city trip with a pit-stop at Bloomingdales. Again, without intention I happened across the Theyskens’ Theory collection. While the runway shows are beautiful and really unusual, the pieces completely stood out against the monotonous repetition of similar styles in other brands. Below are some photos of other pieces that utterly stunned me, but they don’t even begin to do justice. Every single piece is worth the insane amount of money it costs. Without exception.

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