Spring/Summer 2012: The Row

10 Sep

The Olsen twins do it again. This was an absolutely stunning show. The way that the pieces fell in such elegant form and the pure sophistication of the all light neutral pieces — I love every little detail of it. Inspired by Tibet, this was honestly one of the most exquisite shows I have ever watched.

In the beginning there was definitely a lingerie vibe, which I dug. The pale, pale aqua was the only color throughout the show other than the creamy off-white of the rest of the pieces. This is just some of the most amazing workmanship I have ever seen. When the pieces move from very casual into more designer pieces I get a bit of a Philip Lim, Spring 2011 vibe — although since that is one of my favorite shows ever, I am not surprised. It’s the way that the material literally comes off of the pieces themselves. The way that in the Lim show, the thick rope-like cross-hatching rises from the one layer mesh to create a real visual experience. The material here does the same thing. It’s dynamic and alive.

Credit: style.com

The Row Pre-Fall 2011 Collection

The Row Fall 2011 Runway

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