Spring/Summer 2012: Zac Posen

12 Sep

Zac Posen came back to NY for this season and really focused on some historical styles. In fact, he channeled old Hollywood in a way that was a little too much for me at some points. There is a difference between modern takes on old styles and antiquated fashion. While the colors and cuts of many of the dresses were stunning and really modernized the beauty of that era — many could have been pulled from my grandmother’s attic, dusted, pressed and worn identically. The drop waist with the bustle in the first look I selected highlights some aspects of the style of the past with some slight modernizations. The emerald green dress is actually to die for in my opinion as well as the red. Other than that, Posen either tried too hard to modernize or didn’t try hard enough. There was a completely different understanding of the body of a woman back then as well as a different physical presence. The embodiment of this style on the stick thin models of today creates a really horrendously unflattering look (see below):

Posen didn’t slay me this season. He’s never been one of my consistent favorites and this collection kept him in pretty stable sights in my book, no movement.

Credit: style.com

Zac Posen Fall 2011


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