Spring 2012: Charlotte Ronson

12 Dec

This really did it for me. Like, REALLY did it for me. Starting with Ronson’s declaration that this season’s collection is more feminine than past collections and culminating with the really fun neon orange sheer pieces (not shown), Ronson hit it out of the park this season. There was slim to no grunge in this collection, showing Ronson’s really strong foray out of her already established niche. The denim was fabulous. I hated it at first — I mean, denim on denim on denim? Let’s get real that’s no one’s idea of high fashion. Somehow, by my second go around the first piece in the show (that long denim dress) was stunning. There is an amazing complexity to making a material as ordinary and disregarded as denim into the main compontent of a piece. Ronson worked that denim into other pieces — such as the sheer, cropped top and skirt — in a way that is almost unnoticeable. The way she played with lace and the modern interpretation of a victorian style was amazing. Other than the last few pieces, Ronson stuck with a very muted palette and it really worked. It is always a huge risk to diverge from ones strengths, in this case Ronson definitely was 100% successful and she has completely converted me from someone who only watched her collections because as a devout fashionista I feel obligated to watch all shows, to someone who is excited to see what comes next and will definitely be shopping the Spring ’12 collection.

Credit: style.com

Charlotte Ronson Spring 2011

Charlotte Ronson Fall 2011


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