Spring 2012: Luca Luca

12 Dec

Mmm… Designer Raul Melgoza described his inspiration as “sensuality” for this collection. Personally, I don’t see it. In fact, I didn’t feel anything sexy about this collection. While the goal wasn’t a traditional sex appeal — something completely trite and prevalent throughout fashion week, most of the cuts felt as if they were aiming for something and completely missing it. There wasn’t a cut where I went wow that’s gorgeous, or wow she is stunning. Constantly during these shows I find myself not attracted but literally pulled into these women and the clothing they embody with a furious envy that I don’t a) have that body and b) that piece. That’s sensuality in my mind, the utter desire. The PJ style suiting is fun and comfortable but definitely doesn’t inspire sensuality. Same with the blouse in the first piece. I love the last dress with the unusual draping of the bust with the dots but it’s a very Rodarte cut with the little glimpse of skin in the middle and multiple drapings — whenRodarte does it I feel more sensuality than in this collection. A valiant attempt but doesn’t quite follow through with me or hit me as the Fall collection did.

Credit; style.com

Luca Luca Fall 2011


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