Spring 2012: Marchesa

12 Dec

Marchesa’s first runway show hit a completely different, more realistic less utterly wild and dynamic, mark. In the five years since the creation of the elite couture-style brand, the designers have opted to show in a more gallery type setting given the wild intensity and complexity of each aspect of their pieces. Given this, it is hard to really compare the two collections. The collection was much larger than in the past and also much more wearable. While this changes the normal understanding of their collections, it certainly widens the market for consumers. This collection also seemed to draw more from other collections than in the past. Many pieces felt Valentino-ey, especially in the beginning with the first couple pieces in the collection. The gathered femininity didn’t draw as much from Marchesa’s general area and more from the master Valentino. Another collection it seemed to draw from was McQueen’s bird inspiration. While Marchesa has drawn from this in past collections, it seemed more obvious in the complete wearability of the collection. There was inspiration from underwater which is pretty obvious but as in all Marchesa collections, the tie that binds the pieces is less important than intricacies themselves.

Credit: style.com

Marchesa Fall 2011

Marchesa Spring 2011


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