Spring 2012: Monique Lhuillier

12 Dec

Almost two months after Lhuillier’s Spring collection made its debut, I’m still not sure of my feelings about it. Lhuillier definitely strayed from the expected in her decision to focus on the body and athleticism. The cuts are much different and daring and there was a general inconsistency to the theme that ties it all together. The first set reminded me a lot of Kors’ Resort 2012 collection with the scuba theme. The whole leather/lace and bright colors thing did not work for me one bit. It fell too far outside Lhuillier’s comfort zone to be done well — it felt like a small experiment inside of a larger experiment, the farthest out she decided to reach and touch on rather than focus if that makes any sense at all. There was a slight S&M type reference but it the follow through wasn’t strong at all so it didn’t feel genuine. When Lhuillier focused more on her niche, the feminine dresses, she drew me back in. I loved the mini dresses with the peplum puffy quality. The last gown, the stunning cobalt and white number with the amazing streaky and thin design…that got me. That’ was possibly the most beautiful gown that has ever been conceived by Lhullier. Sincerely stunning. She seemed to focus a lot on primary colors — her collection comprised of blue, red and yellow pieces exclusively. This is an aspect that hasn’t been written about so I’m not sure what her aim was here but they are such bold colors and this is definitely different, Lhuillier generally focuses with either blacks and deep colors or more variants and in between colors than the solid itself. There were no neutrals or blacks or whites or burgundies or magentas or teals…red, blue and yellow solely. I loved this way of tying a pretty loose collection together.

Credit; style.com

Monique Lhuillier Fall 2011

Monique Lhuillier Spring 2011


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