Spring 2012: Proenza Schouler

19 Dec

Proenza. My favorite design duo. I bought my first Proenza piece yesterday (WOO I know right? Sample sale, $90. Not runway but it was a gorgeous black sequined top that feels amazing on) and felt it was time for the Proenza review — also because I want to do their pre-fall collection. My opinion on this collection definitely wavers between love and confusion. Style.com’s review helped me solidify my opinion with their description of McCullough and Hernandez’s inspiration: “Googie architecture…Mid-century road-stop architecture…one was cutting-edge, but now it’s decrepit. Lost optimism” While working from a time period is not really typical for Proenza– they’re usually more inspired by cultures or nature than time, but this worked off of the 40s with the complete buttoned up style and the doses of Formica style yellow. Parts of this collection felt as if they were channeling this time a bit too much — there were some that seem to me to be completely unwearable. The craft was completely perfect as usual and the ideas completely original as well. While this was not the optimal collection in my mind, it was perfectly aligned with Proenza.

Credit: style.com

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