Spring 2012: Chloé

28 Dec

Chloé was just one of the many labels that endured a designer shift between the Fall and Spring shows. Hannah MacGibbon directed Chloé for a few years — keeping the style of the brand but not pushing it any farther. It was a pretty stagnant time period but not necessarily a bad one. Waight Keller has a strong resume behind her, having worked with such important names as Ford and Pringle of Scotland. For her début, Keller played it pretty safe. She seemed to stick with MacGibbon’s sense of the Chloé aesthetic while attempting to dive into the peak of Chloé’s recent success — the Phoebe Philo days. It had the same playful prints and masculine cuts — most of the looks included pants and the few dresses could have been cut identically from the Spring collection for 11. When Lagerfeld worked at Chloé, he did a lot of the florals which Keller worked with here. Rousteing made a bang at Balmain, yet Keller seems to be testing the water more before (hopefully) diving in.

Credit: style.com

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