Spring 2012: Bottega Veneta

29 Dec

I’ve always been a fan of Bottega Venta. Thomas Maier is a genius and one who is not often praised for his skill with the craft of designing. My favorite thing about Veneta collections is that absolutely nothing is off limits. Silk the glistening leather work perfectly in the most wildly paired colors, pleats and navajo prints become a perfectly logical combination. The big trends here was pleats — almost each piece was pleated in the most beautifully crafted way. Maier turned pleats — a sign of stiff, rigidity and office wear — into something feminine and delicate. The bustier tops were gorgeous and sexied up the pleated dresses that were perfectly contrasted by their wild and daring prints. Bottega Veneta set a perfect show on the runway in Milan this fall, one that definitely deserves a huge amount of attention.

Credit: style.com

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