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Resort 2012: Marc Jacobs & Marc by Marc Jacobs

17 Jun

I’m always a little torn when it comes to Marc Jacobs. I know that he is a complete fashion icon and I don’t doubt the validity of that in the slightest. Yet his collections often lack that oomph in my opinion. Most likely this is just a case of personal preference but whatever that feeling is, for the most part it was missing for this collection. I loved the idea behind this show. The intense paisley in the muted neutrals has such a sarcastic edge to it. These pieces should be heinous but they’re gorgeous. I was feeling the party girl dresses much less but they kept with the ideal of the show which was good enough for me.

Don’t ask me why, but Marc by Marc Jacobs has always been my weakness collection. For a diffusion line, it tends to have a stronger feel to it. I think this may be because there is less pressure for high fashion, the high-end line is the one that garners most of the press and attention while Marc by Marc flies alongside it. I loved this collection. LOVED. The inspiration was definitely the same yet taken on a more fun, less mature route for this show. There were florals, sequins and that stunning quilted vest that I would buy in the midst of summer I love it so much. The paisley was definitely present but in less of a snooty fashion, less sardonic than it was for the main line. This collection takes the cake for me.


Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 Collection

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2011


Resort 2012: Acne

15 Jun

This Acne collection was possibly my favorite ever. The retro feel that accompanies all of Acne’s collections was still here, although in a different way. It was more consistent and the trends were so on point now where in the past they feel as if they are reaching for something that’s not right. There are so many amazing components here. First is the suede, a truly underrated material that is so stunning. The flared pants are completely back but I loved the way they were a softer, more gaucho material here. The long, tunic-style pieces over these pants were miraculous. This is artfully casual. I’m in love with this collection, completely.


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Acne Fall 2011

Resort 2012: Tory Burch

15 Jun

Tory Burch lost me with this collection. I am a true follower of the designer — drooling over wallets and small bags, shoes and flats and the occasional cardigan. Her clothes have never had the same appeal as the accessories, at least to me. And with this Resort collection I’m drawn by absolutely nothing. That giant red bag is definitely cool and the neon strappy sandals are also pretty, the white and khaki trimmed long sleeve cover-up/dress is unusual but nothing here is really that impressive.


Tory Burch Fall 2011

Resort 2012: Burberry Prorsum

15 Jun

Burberry’s collection photos in doubles are always nice because they create a complete ambiance. There didn’t seem to be complete theme for this collection yet it was gorgeous. My favorite was the complete presence of yellow. The mustard yellow has been around a few collections. There were many intricate pieces with beading and embroidery, unusual cuts and, of course, outerwear to die for. This was a pretty standard Burberry collection, although for resort that’s good enough!


Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011 Runway Review

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2011

Resort 2012: Donna Karan

8 Jun

Donna Karan really stepped out of her box this collection. While her palette remained all neutrals, the cuts really were unusual. They started off in her normal range of restrained and structured yet simple. Then they transitioned into structurally weird pieces. Rather than the flowing and curve hugging pieces of yore, she found new terrain. The sheer pieces that were lined on tulle were gorgeous and remind me of the Spring 3.1 collection¬†with certain pieces made of a really similar material. A really beautiful and strong collection, I’m really a fan of this. Really beautiful and intense.


Donna Karan Spring 2011 Runway Review

Donna Karan Fall 2011 Collection

Resort 2012: Jason Wu

8 Jun

Restrained sexuality is the theme here in my book. Wu came back to America and found inspiration in the West Coast. He aimed to create a new niche for pieces that are typically casual wear. The jackets are beautifully done and they are my favorite part of the collection. The long cuts or cropped blazers are just delicious. Florals and lining swam through the collection ¬†— as well as his first swimwear pieces. A really well done Resort collection. So far it’s really been impressing.


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Jason Wu Fall 2011

Resort 2012: Carolina Herrera

8 Jun

This was a tricky collection from Herrera. The traditional florals were present in certain pieces although they were not in the entire thing. The bubble dress was my absolute favorite, in a dynamite red it was such a perfect piece for the seasons trends. The rest of the collection was kind of muted. Some nice things but nothing really breathtaking.


Carolina Herrera Spring 2011 Runway Review

Carolina Herrera Fall 2011

Resort 2012: McQ

8 Jun

The diffusion line is expanding since we lost McQueen himself. With the introduction of handbags and footwear, the collection opened a really great new door. This encapsulated all styles. There was edgy and neon, there were calm pieces and out there pieces. The neon was fabulous — I have such a weakness for neon. There were draped dresses and even odes to previous McQueen collections. The tight play suit is amazing, neon and covered in the most beautiful jacket. I love this collection, which signals something amazing to expect from high end line.



Resort 2012: Diane von Furstenberg

8 Jun

This collection has a little spring 2011 Proenza Schouler to it — the colors and how they aren’t solid, there is definitely thatching and complex aspects behind the prints and cuts. This is really cool though. A really great collection. DVF is so good with this style and season. The way that these pieces hang is so flattering and gorgeous, effortless. This is going to be an amazing collection for her, one of the best I think. While the Fall was all glamour, sequins and deep v’s, this is more casual and day wear. Yet still retains that aura of DVF.


Diane von Fursteberg Fall 2011

Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2011 Runway Review

Resort 2012: Erin Fetherston, Jill Stuart and Tibi

4 Jun

These were three small resort collections that took on very different ideas — all very retro as the seasons trends dictate. Erin Fetherston’s collection reminded me of kind of flapper dresses with their simple colors and structure but dose of flare and unusual quality and styling. The poof skirt is great and different than many collections direction so far. Jill Stuart took it to a complete different level — this collection taking a cue from her Fall 2011 collection with the seventies inspiration and the patterns. I love the red sheath dress — red is such a powerful color. And of course, Tibi. My saving grace, the love of all collections. This Tibi collection was small yet really used it’s assets. The gold reminded me of that Dior piece from their Resort collection with a different spin on it. The play suit is just stunning. I’m not really ever a huge fan of the style but this completely works for me.


Tibi Fall 2011

Erin Fetherston Spring 2011 Runway Review

Jill Stuart Fall 2011