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Spring Couture 2011: Versace

5 Feb

I’m speechless. I have never in my life seen a collection this beautiful and glamorous. It is stunning, top five no doubt. Top one, quite possibly — although there are a few Marchesa and Chanel collections that compete heavily. The intricacy and individuality of each piece, I’m speechless. These are gowns that NEED to be worn — red carpet or just around the house they are absolutely to die for.


Spring Couture 2011: Georges Hobeika

31 Jan

Hobeika’s spring couture line was beautiful — although no one expected any less. A frequenter of the redcarpet — Hobeika’s spring couture line debuted only four days after it’s display on Eva Longoria (see here). Hobeika cited inspiration and called this line: “Maiden of the Deep,” showing the intentional underwater-like quality of the pieces. Everything is flowy and in pale colors, it does remind me of the Little Mermaid — Couture, if that were to exist. I love the pale lavender’s and the stiff embellishing that looks like shells and beading that reminds one of seaweed that can be found on so many pieces. It’s a really gorgeous line and definitely one that will garner a lot of attention.

Spring 2011 Couture: Valentino

26 Jan

A beautiful Valentino collection — it reminded me a bit of their Pre-Fall collection, the two work in tandem beautifully. There were pleats throughout this show (I didn’t show many though) and those rigid ruffles which were so prominent in pre-fall. The lace and ease of the gowns was amazing though.

Spring 2011 Couture: Elie Saab

26 Jan

My obsession with Elie Saab is no secret, and this collection only strengthens those feelings. The gorgeous deep, deep red dress and the floral collection. The purple dress looks like the Zuhair Murad one worn on Gossip Girl in the fall (you can see it here) minus the incessant lace. The train of nude dresses with intricate embellishments in the beginning was literally breathtaking. This is a collection that will definitely get red-carpet time, continuing Saab’s frequent presence there.

Spring 2011 Couture: Jean Paul Gaultier

26 Jan

For Gaultier, this was an understated collection. That does not mean it was any less beautiful. My favorite looks in this Couture collection was the large trails with pants underneath — either soft, loose pants or lace leggings it’s a gorgeous look.

Spring 2011 Couture: Maxime Simoëns

26 Jan

I loved this collection, which was loosely inspired by Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette.” The pastels and layering as well as overlay of metallics was really gorgeous and made these dream worthy looks.

Spring 2011 Couture: Chanel

25 Jan

Lagerfeld went in a new direction for Chanel’s legacy this week: “Life is not a cocktail party” pretty much sums up the show. There was a take on leggings — of course they were elegant, sequined and flattering — as well as jeans — not sloppy or anything, just gorgeous, plain and simple –and none of the looks were so intense I would stop and stare at someone wearing them to a dinner party. These were easy pieces, but by no means less elegant.

Spring 2011 Couture: Stéphane Rolland

25 Jan

Rihanna is one of Rolland’s star-studded clientele, and by looking at this collection it is clear that he had her in mind. It was Couture to an extreme yet very subtle and classic. The simple, gold, structured gown is embellished with what looks like blood stains or gorgeous paint streaks. My favorite is, without a doubt, the olive-green one with silver embroidery and long sleeves and a cowl neck — AHHH to die for.

Spring 2011 Couture: Giorgio Armani Privé

24 Jan

Anne Hathaway’s Golden Globe dress — the tan, sequined, modern, square-shouldered number — was like a preview for this collection (if you don’t remember it, here it is) even though it was from last fall. Before the show, Armani said that he designed it imagining a strong, modern women and created this with strong lines and sparkles — gemstones, sequins and metallic. While this is not a line for every woman, it is one that I predict will get a lot of coverage from celebrities and socialites alike.

Spring 2011 Couture: Christophe Josse

24 Jan

Newcomer Christophe Josse presented a very elegant, albeit one-dimensional couture show. The delicate dresses were lovely but got a bit stale. His one stab at a bubble was excellent but I don’t really understand the Stripper-Wedding Dress…it’s so close to glamorous and beautiful but just not all the way there.