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Fall 2011 RTW: Trends from Paris

25 Mar

Many of the NYFW trends were pervasive throughout the month of shows — minimalism, the seventies and retro prints…They are fun to look at but pretty much remain constant throughout each reinterpretation. There are only so many ways to do minimalism. Paris brought a whole new theme to the FW11 trends though and they were really interesting ideas.

First we have the full-body print. What I love about this is how in spite of using the same print for each piece (dresses don’t count), there is a lot of different and change within the look. What I mean is, when you wear a two-piece hot pink look the meat of the outfit is the pink — the bold color choice — not the pieces themselves. When you add the pattern to the mix it transforms into something else. The pattern is just as important as the pieces. You can’t layer the same pattern with any pattern — it takes a stylistic eye and a real knack for fashion to see what looks chic and amazing as opposed to looking like a juicy tracksuit. The Celine piece has that wooden pattern with the nude turtleneck as the only distracting element but it adds to the look. I just think this entire concept is fascinating and so hard to do (trust me, I’ve been trying). Even the Givenchy look with the cuffed sleeves like from Varsity jackets (I’m blanking on the term — it is only 9 AM though) gives the entire look a retro vibe. It manages to remain chic and inspirational while giving a nod to this very outdated look.

A reinvention of structure was really big in Paris this year. It manifested itself into two categories in my opinion — there was the boxy structure (an infusion of masculine if you will) and the creative structure (à la McQueen kind of thing, I’ll get to that in a bit). Here we have the boxy kind. This is something that is on the runway every once in awhile (flashback to Margiela’s Spring 2011 collection) and is generally applause worthy but pretty unwearable. This season there was a breakthrough with this style. McCartney did it the best in my opinion — she puffed up the sleeves and boxed out the style but kept the waist feminine and skirt flattering. It takes a balance to not look boxy and unflattering — herein lies my fascination with fashion, the dichotomy between something completely new and outstanding while still remaining beautiful and graceful on the body. In some cases it is impossible but when it’s done right it is just truly awe inspiring. Gaultier took a different route with the outerwear — my friend argued that I was stretching it a bit but I don’t think so. This jacket really dominates with the unusual structure and reminds me a lot of the Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall coat that has the same structural ingenuity. It’s the opposite of the McCartney dress in terms of the balance between modern and new and flattering — the top is  feminine with the fur and the quilting but then puffs out to a kind of hoop skirt around the waist. It’s amazing. YSL had an innovation that a few others felt inspired by as well which is just the entire boxy dress. I love this idea because by keeping it a mini they are free to do what they will with the above. This season is where designers stumbled upon the realization that they can contrast the beauty of the body with the intensity of this boxy style they’ve toyed with for years — it’s like when my mom said to me, “yes, by all means where a mens shirt if you’d like but you have to wear something tight on the bottom.” It’s intuitive to a woman — hide one area, you got to flaunt the other.

There’s really not much to say about Peplums except that they were just absolutely everywhere. I love them and they’re flattering in their own strange way.

Ok so there’s not much one can say about these because they are so individual to the designer, but these three stood out to me (from many). This is a staple of the McQueen collections and one that Burton is so skilled at it is practically indistinguishable from McQueen himself. I can never forget the intensity and just absolutely stunning quality of the closing look from the Spring collection. Viktor & Rolf’s entire collection wasn’t really my pace but I admire it none the less. It was medieval and renaissance but there wasn’t a lot of variation within the theme. The Yamamoto show was deadly amazing and I love this and the symbolism of it. The deconstruction of fashion and the deterioration of the business is really a big theme with the grunge pervasive this season. I love these and I love this entire style it really is evidence within itself of just pure, raw talent.


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New York Fashion Week: Trends

15 Mar

Looking back, I am surprised by the trends that were/were not present in New York. Most notably was the almost complete absence of classic feminine looks. Obviously Tadashi Shoji, Marchesa…the couture names showed beautiful couture and airy, flowing pieces that absolutely radiated femininity but it was in a much more restrained manner and really not notable elsewhere. Minimalism was more than just a trend this season — it was essential. In new york we saw minimalism, a lot of patterns influenced from other cultures — mostly oriental but Proenza Schouler incorporated a lot of Native American patterns –, luxurious sportswear and a lot of pieces infused with a harsh modernity.

Minimalism is a hard look — in a venn diagram it would be that piece in the middle overlapping with the other circles. A lot of other current trends (i.e. Color blocking, modern inspired and chic sportswear) play off of the minimalism vibe.

I absolutely loved the prints for the fall. Many aspects of the season were lacking but the unusual prints were not one of them. The sources ranged from Jill Stuart’s wild animal prints, Thakoon’s love of the Masai Warriors, de le Renta and Lauren drawing from eastern cultures and Schouler with Navajo cultures to name a few. They were gorgeous and were really flattering on the models, something prints often inhibit.

Like minimalism, modern influences manifest in many different ways. In Paris there were a lot of structurally futuristic vibes but not so much in New York. In new york it was more material — the combination of sheer and lace, the delicacy contrasted with the intensely built skirt foundation had a completely futuristic vibe. “Digi-craft” was also big. That is the futuristic style of prints similar to the Preen style and other similar kinds.

What is there to say? This is a pretty solid trend the past few seasons. I am absolutely in love with the Rag & Bone shorts — the entire style.


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10 Trends for Fall from NY Fashion Week

18 Feb

1. Fur

2. Velvet (and bows!)

3. Lace

4. Oversized Pieces

5. Neutrals

6. Prints

7. Leather

8. Sheer

9. Menswear

10. Jackets

Designer Sketches for the Fall 2011 Collection

10 Feb

I know — I’m as eager as you are. Some collections are already going up online so I’ll get them to you as fast as I can. In the meantime, Wall Street Journal’s fashion section posted a beautiful selection of sketches from three designers collections. Here they are, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do.

Jason Wu Fall 2011

Marchesa Fall 2011
Michael Kors Fall 2011

credit: wall street journal, link here

Trend: Lace

16 Nov

What is there that is sexier than lace? Nothing. It evokes innocence and sexuality at the same time and provides limitless opportunities for innovative outfits. There is no avenue that this trend does not venture up:

Headgear for Lady Gaga: 

A dress ensemble for Olivia Palermo: 

Lace tape for the real enthusiast: 

Lace Shorts: 

Lace cut-outs: 

Lace Tops: 

Lace Heels by d&g: 

…and infinitely more. There are a supreme number of types of lace but the ones to look for are the kind that look antique and vintage. Some have stretch that I find a little off-putting but others like. While this trend was also for Spring/Summer 2010, it is more exotic for the Fall/Winter 2010. Rather than emphasize the exposure of skin – as was the trend in the warmer months – it is more romantic and less feminine in these colder months. Rather than be an accessory to the outfit it is the outfit this season. Be bold ladies and dare to try this risqué style!

Trends: Gold

9 Nov

What I find very interesting is the lack of any mention of the pervasive presence of Gold in any articles on the trends for the season. I love the way it feels to wear gold: it is so empowering and makes any outfit feel worthy of royalty. What is important to notice for this trend, though, it to make sure the gold looks like it is of quality. Obviously no one expects you to walk down 5th Avenue in a dress made of real gold leaf but there’s a difference between gold and cheap looking gold. My friend has an express bandage skirt in this beigey gold tinted color and I can’t bring myself to tell her looks horrendous because the color of the gold is so off. Whether it is a slight hint of gold such as a belt or embroidery, jewelry of any sort or a dress of solid gold, try it. This is a trend that one must be daring to use at first. I have to say the first time I stepped outside in my Torn by Ronny Kobo gold dress I felt a little ridiculous, but after a few minutes I acclimated and felt the allure of the dress and the style. Whether it is as subtle as a shoe or a clutch or as dramatic as a dress or top, this is definitely a hit for the fall. Do not let the season pass without experimenting with this!

Chanel: Hint of gold, Alexander McQueen, and two pieces from Elie Saab

  1. Torn by Ronny Kobo “Hilary Dress” -$363
  2. Sass and Bide “The People I Love Tee” -$150
  3. Torn by Ronny Kobo “Bella Pleated Metallic Dress” -$385
  4. Rachel Roy “Sequin Dress” -$1,495
  5. Elizabeth & James “Helena Dress” -$385
  6. Marc Jacobs “Pinked & Patented Oxfords -$295
  7. Tory Burch “Reva Glitter Ballet Flat” -$235


Mixing the old with the New

3 Nov

In my family there is a plethora of old clothing. Whether it is obscenely patterned Escada button downs from many seasons ago or old skirts from the 60’s, old (vintage) is always in style. This happens to be my favorite look as well, one that I try to mix into my daily wardrobe. The mixing of decades can work with different styles as well. For instance a very conservative piece can be made ultra-chic with the right accessories. I was looking through the Bloomingdales website at Milly’s line and I came across a dress that I would never wear — too of a type if you know what I mean — but I saw huge potential in it. So with this Milly dress, here is how I would dress it up…

Milly "Simone Chain Print Dress"Milly “Simone Chain Link Dress” -$395

Vera Wang “Larissa” Boot/Elizabeth and James “Stare” Boot

DVF Leather Jacket/BE & D Belt/Antik Bantik Necklaces



Bowled over by Over The knee Boots

31 Oct

I was not intending to post until after halloween (HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! One of my absolute favorite holidays — I will do a halloween de-brief tomorrow at some point!) but I was in Penn Station’s Amtrak waiting room for my train back to Campus and I noticed something astounding. While I have always been an advocate for the over the knee boot, I had not realized how many other people were so intent on this trend as well. On campus I have yet to see a pair (other than the three that I brought up) but don’t get me started on the “style” present here… Anyways, every single young woman I saw was wearing a pair of these boots. I don’t know whether or not this was solely because they’re comfortable and chic (making them ideal for traveling) or that this trend is absolutely everywhere but it was astounding. Because of that I had an intense urge to do this post. With nothing else to do on the three hour ride back to Hartford here is my thigh high boot post!

Something I have yet to come across in any of my browsing of other trend-tracking websites (, etc.) is a mention of the pervasive equestrian theme. Many of these boots represent a cowboy boot or an equestrian boot style with a more style and flare. While this trend started earlier in the year as mere “over the knee” boots, on the runway for fall/winter 2010 the thigh high boots were everywhere. These boots are so “it” that you can find pairs in every single type of style you can think of: gothic, grunge, quirky, classic, futuristic… While I need to get in better shape before I slip on a pair of thigh-highs, the over the knee boot dress up a simple outfit and are literally my go to pair of shoes. In my opinion, these are a MUST HAVE for the winter.

1. Frye’s “Shirley Boot”*** $448

2.Elizabeth and James “Stare” -$625

3. Tory Burch “Rhett Suede” -$650

4. Report Signature Shoes “Columbus” -$650

5. Jeffery Campbell “Wishlist Flat Engineer” -$310

6. Christian Louboutin “Tres Contente Thigh High” -$2,495

7. Modern Vintage “Bernadette” -$395

8. Loeffler Randall -$825

9. Hunter “Cervina” -$535

10. Giuseppe Zanotti “Buckle Back” -$1,695

**These are my to-die-for, go-to-shoe, boots. I bought them with my own money (huge accomplishment, not to sound like a spoiled brat) and have never been more happy with a purchase. Literally.

p.s. Very cool D.I.Y. article on about thigh highs, check it out!–How-to-DIY-Rodarte-over-the-knee-boots-2284.html

Trend: Layering

29 Oct

I LOVE the look of layering. While this has come in and out of style over the decades it has a much more mature look now than ever before. It is ironic how the minimalist look of the neutral colors and the camel coats contrasts so drastically with this Eskimo style layering. What does seem  new this season is that the layering is not just with coatigans or sweaters, it’s spread to shirts and wrap skirts. Layering of jewelry is evident with rings that seem to build upon each other but conveniently are still one ring (Low Luv x Erin Wasson is a great example of this) or with knee socks over tights kind of style. This is a fabulous trend for the season because (at least in New York) it is already an unusually cold October! It is practical yet stylish, which is always a little bit of a relief!

  1. See by Chloé Quilted Cape: $1,145
  2. L.A.M.B. Double Breasted Tailcoat: $450
  3. Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Blanket Sweater: $455
  4. Preen Cowl Coat: $3,700
  5. Rag & Bone Duke Anorak: $575
  6. Twenty8Twelve Pallenburg Coat: $670


Trend: Fur

27 Oct

I love trends. While it is not a norm in fashion to look at the current season in season (strange sentence), I feel it is appropriate to begin with the Fall/Winter 2010 styles. I’m studying psychology and consumerism and looking at how people come to predict trends and the why they buy what they buy interests me a lot. So I’m going to focus on a trend and go in depth in the style. First and foremost, fur. Fur is back, and in a big way. I happen to love this. While PETA may hate me for this (and I swear I actually am very pro-environmental action. I recycle and take short showers and turn off lights and everything) I believe it is a timeless look and a phenomenal addition to any outfit. In fact, I was at my Grandmother’s house recently about to go to a family event and as we were leaving she asked me to grab her coat. Her old Escada jacket was hung up next to the most phenomenal fur coat I had ever seen. Turns out that not only is it phenomenal, but it is real and vintage (my great aunt’s). She was astounded when I told her that fur dominated the runways the fall/winter season, saying she had only left it in the upstairs closet “in order to pet it every once in awhile.” From Thakoon to Juicy Couture, I would be surprised if there was a show that went on without fur. In fact, Chanel went so far as to have fur in every single piece of the show. The multitude of vests that appeared in stores in preparation for winter have caught me off guard though, as they were not as well represented in the shows in the Spring.For your pleasure, here are some of my favorites from the runway and then some (more affordable, and mostly faux) options to purchase! I myself just recently invested in a very unusual Quotation: Sanctuary faux Rabbit coat (it is lavender I might add)…I will let you know how that goes when it arrives any day now!


Here are some (less expensive) runway alternatives…Mostly faux though they give one the feel of a fur jacket especially because the faux has progressed so much in the recent years that some of it actually feels like real fur…
P.S. Haven’t quite gotten a handle on the Photoshop erase background function so these pictures are a little choppy! A little slack for a bit please as I’m still learning! Enjoy!

1. An adorable Kate Spade faux fur leopard jacket: $595 from Bloomingdales
2. Via Spiga’s Faux Antonia coat: $313 from Bloomingdales as well
3. Theory’s cropped Raccoon vest for $895 at Bloomingdales
4. Free People’s “Almost Famous” Jacket from is $248
5. Patterson J. Kincaid’s unique and adorable Faux jacket: $268