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Bowled over by Over The knee Boots

31 Oct

I was not intending to post until after halloween (HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! One of my absolute favorite holidays — I will do a halloween de-brief tomorrow at some point!) but I was in Penn Station’s Amtrak waiting room for my train back to Campus and I noticed something astounding. While I have always been an advocate for the over the knee boot, I had not realized how many other people were so intent on this trend as well. On campus I have yet to see a pair (other than the three that I brought up) but don’t get me started on the “style” present here… Anyways, every single young woman I saw was wearing a pair of these boots. I don’t know whether or not this was solely because they’re comfortable and chic (making them ideal for traveling) or that this trend is absolutely everywhere but it was astounding. Because of that I had an intense urge to do this post. With nothing else to do on the three hour ride back to Hartford here is my thigh high boot post!

Something I have yet to come across in any of my browsing of other trend-tracking websites (, etc.) is a mention of the pervasive equestrian theme. Many of these boots represent a cowboy boot or an equestrian boot style with a more style and flare. While this trend started earlier in the year as mere “over the knee” boots, on the runway for fall/winter 2010 the thigh high boots were everywhere. These boots are so “it” that you can find pairs in every single type of style you can think of: gothic, grunge, quirky, classic, futuristic… While I need to get in better shape before I slip on a pair of thigh-highs, the over the knee boot dress up a simple outfit and are literally my go to pair of shoes. In my opinion, these are a MUST HAVE for the winter.

1. Frye’s “Shirley Boot”*** $448

2.Elizabeth and James “Stare” -$625

3. Tory Burch “Rhett Suede” -$650

4. Report Signature Shoes “Columbus” -$650

5. Jeffery Campbell “Wishlist Flat Engineer” -$310

6. Christian Louboutin “Tres Contente Thigh High” -$2,495

7. Modern Vintage “Bernadette” -$395

8. Loeffler Randall -$825

9. Hunter “Cervina” -$535

10. Giuseppe Zanotti “Buckle Back” -$1,695

**These are my to-die-for, go-to-shoe, boots. I bought them with my own money (huge accomplishment, not to sound like a spoiled brat) and have never been more happy with a purchase. Literally.

p.s. Very cool D.I.Y. article on about thigh highs, check it out!–How-to-DIY-Rodarte-over-the-knee-boots-2284.html


Trend: Layering

29 Oct

I LOVE the look of layering. While this has come in and out of style over the decades it has a much more mature look now than ever before. It is ironic how the minimalist look of the neutral colors and the camel coats contrasts so drastically with this Eskimo style layering. What does seem  new this season is that the layering is not just with coatigans or sweaters, it’s spread to shirts and wrap skirts. Layering of jewelry is evident with rings that seem to build upon each other but conveniently are still one ring (Low Luv x Erin Wasson is a great example of this) or with knee socks over tights kind of style. This is a fabulous trend for the season because (at least in New York) it is already an unusually cold October! It is practical yet stylish, which is always a little bit of a relief!

  1. See by Chloé Quilted Cape: $1,145
  2. L.A.M.B. Double Breasted Tailcoat: $450
  3. Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Blanket Sweater: $455
  4. Preen Cowl Coat: $3,700
  5. Rag & Bone Duke Anorak: $575
  6. Twenty8Twelve Pallenburg Coat: $670


27 Oct

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History: The Renowned Birkin Bag

27 Oct
In 1984, aboard a flight from Paris to London, a chance encounter resulted in the creation of the most enigmatic, illustrious and iconic bag ever to be designed. So the legend goes, a renowned film and music star, Jane Birkin was seated next to Jean-Louis Dumas (former C.E.O. of Hermès, replaced recently by Patrick Thomas). The story continues to describe Jane Birkin stowing her flimsy straw bag in the overhead compartment and having spilling open and her belongings strewn everywhere. After this embarrassing moment, Birkin explains to Dumas the difficulty it is to find a good leather bag to use for weekend travelling. Soon after a legend was born, with a beautiful black leather bag that Dumas had made for Jane Birkin.
Ever since the bag has become a staple in fashion. The bag is highly coveted and holds the record for the longest waiting list for a bag in history (6 years). Each bag is handmade in Paris with intricate craftsmanship; each bag is truly one of a kind.  Every aspect of the bag is customizable (hence the desire to accumulate more and more, Victoria Beckham, for instance, has been outed for owning 100 of these valuable bags – which range in price from $5,000 to $150,000).  The bag is so notorious that there is even a book about the search for a Birkin Bag titled, “Bringing Home the Birkin” by Michael Tonello.

Designer Profile: 3.1 Phillip Lim

27 Oct
The Thai designer stumbled from behind the runway assistant status to dominating the American fashion scene essentially overnight in 2005 when he launched 3.1 Phillip Lim. He’s been growing in popularity and influence ever since, winning the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s Emerging Talent in Womenswear award for his self-named label. Lim describes his designs as “Classic with a sense of madness.” In 2008, Lim both expanded his line from just womens designs to include designs for children and men as well as opening two new boutiques, expanding himself from Manhattan to also include L.A. and Tokyo. His inspiration comes from New York City and the individuality and femininity of style there.
Season Timeline:
2006 (designs, had yet to go to the runway)- Laid back yet stylish, is described as incorporating “street elegance” into his designs
Spring/Summer 2007– A very romantic feel with a lot of white present in the designs. This was his first runway show and made a huge splash  or his effortless combination of casual and chic.
Fall/Winter 2007- Inspired by the socialite Edith Beale. This line embodied “pedigree minus prudence” –Phillip Lim. A lot of schoolgirl style plaid present in this show as well as socialite/debutante style dresses.
Spring/Summer 2008– This show was based on voyaging. Transitioned from simple to more exotic with the theme of travelling throughout. This show was not a huge hit. Some of the pieces were reviewed as unoriginal while the runway caused some structural issues and the models got confused and photographers had issues photographing because of the oddly spherical runway.
Fall/Winter 2008- This show displayed a different side of 3.1. Rather than the playful attitude previously, it represents more maturity. This reflects the trouble of the time and the economic issues.
Spring/Summer 2009- Huge influence from Spain with flamenco skirts and Spanish designs and color schemes permeating this show.
Fall/WInter 2009- Inspired by the 60’s in England, the “youthquake.” A large emphasis on coats in this season as well as bohemian dresses and other 60’s vintage looks!
Spring/Summer 2010- This phenomenal show was inspired by Picasso, and Lim’s visit to the exhibit at the Gagosian in New York titled “Picasso: Mosqueteros.” Had a very rock ‘n roll vibe. Lots of bright, bold reds from the runway itself to lipstick on the models.

Fall/Winter 2010- Seventies influence. Lim exemplified what he does best yet again in this show, his power piece: outerwear. From shearling and tweed combinations to fur, fur, fur and the staple of the season, Camel Coats, Lim is a master with making unusual yet practical coats.

Trend: Fur

27 Oct

I love trends. While it is not a norm in fashion to look at the current season in season (strange sentence), I feel it is appropriate to begin with the Fall/Winter 2010 styles. I’m studying psychology and consumerism and looking at how people come to predict trends and the why they buy what they buy interests me a lot. So I’m going to focus on a trend and go in depth in the style. First and foremost, fur. Fur is back, and in a big way. I happen to love this. While PETA may hate me for this (and I swear I actually am very pro-environmental action. I recycle and take short showers and turn off lights and everything) I believe it is a timeless look and a phenomenal addition to any outfit. In fact, I was at my Grandmother’s house recently about to go to a family event and as we were leaving she asked me to grab her coat. Her old Escada jacket was hung up next to the most phenomenal fur coat I had ever seen. Turns out that not only is it phenomenal, but it is real and vintage (my great aunt’s). She was astounded when I told her that fur dominated the runways the fall/winter season, saying she had only left it in the upstairs closet “in order to pet it every once in awhile.” From Thakoon to Juicy Couture, I would be surprised if there was a show that went on without fur. In fact, Chanel went so far as to have fur in every single piece of the show. The multitude of vests that appeared in stores in preparation for winter have caught me off guard though, as they were not as well represented in the shows in the Spring.For your pleasure, here are some of my favorites from the runway and then some (more affordable, and mostly faux) options to purchase! I myself just recently invested in a very unusual Quotation: Sanctuary faux Rabbit coat (it is lavender I might add)…I will let you know how that goes when it arrives any day now!


Here are some (less expensive) runway alternatives…Mostly faux though they give one the feel of a fur jacket especially because the faux has progressed so much in the recent years that some of it actually feels like real fur…
P.S. Haven’t quite gotten a handle on the Photoshop erase background function so these pictures are a little choppy! A little slack for a bit please as I’m still learning! Enjoy!

1. An adorable Kate Spade faux fur leopard jacket: $595 from Bloomingdales
2. Via Spiga’s Faux Antonia coat: $313 from Bloomingdales as well
3. Theory’s cropped Raccoon vest for $895 at Bloomingdales
4. Free People’s “Almost Famous” Jacket from is $248
5. Patterson J. Kincaid’s unique and adorable Faux jacket: $268


First Post!

27 Oct

Hey Guys… so I am very new to this although I have been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time. I live and breathe fashion. Literally. I wake up and check the style news as well as browse “what’s new” on all of the websites I frequent (,, Bloomingdales, etc.) and before bed my routine is to brush my teeth, put on my glasses and browse through my fashion blogs. It is my equivalent of the gym (unfortunately…).While I am not lucky enough to attend Fashion Week or anything equally reputable, someday I will. And until then I will continue devouring fashion blogs and runway shows and anything else I can get my fashionista hands on. I was going to post a selection of my favorite pieces from the spring/summer 2011 fashion week but unfortunately I had two papers to write (midterms…) so I will have to postpone that for a day or two. Although I will share with you my all-time to die for dress from the Chanel (my idol.) Fall-Winter 2010/2011 Haute Couture show that Keira Knightley wore to a premiere last week. I uploaded the pictures of her in it from the premiere as well as the photo from the runway…From the unusual choice of material to the intricate strands of pearls draping the cut-outs and the open back… I have never been more in love with a dress in my life. Of course, leave it to Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld to design the most to-die-for dress of the season. Thoughts on this piece anyone?