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Dynamite: Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 Shoes

20 Apr

I am drooling. These McQueen shoes came up on net-a-porter today and I literally contemplated depleting my savings…While there were so many more from the collection the best part about these three are that they are completely wearable. I mean, if I saw these shoes (if you can even call them that) at an event I would admire and want to murder and steal them from whoever is lucky enough to own them. Info? The first pair is the Resin leaf silk-satin peep toe pumps going for a mere $1,675. Number two is the sculpted resin and leather sandals at $3,495 and lastly is the affordable Appliquéd leather wedge sandals for $995.

Deadly, amazing. Dreamy. I swear one day I will get a pair and you will all drool over them!

Credit: net-a-porter

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Best of the Spring/Summer 2011 Runway

9 Feb

Very cool collection by Rag & Bone — as would be expected. They’re so innovative and unusual that it is no surprise they had an unusual line. The style of the bustier top reminds me of the VPL tank tops and the sheer bottom of the dress ties it all together as a simple look rather than dominatrix-ey.

Prabal Gurung had an amazing Spring show, these colors are just bright and bold and as you can probably tell I really admire when designers play with color in this way. Many of the cuts in the collection were repeated in many colors but all looked unusual from the different colors and patterns.

Ralph Lauren had a western inspiration. There were cowboy hates, cowboy boots, leather jackets and fun belts. This dress with the cut and pattern reminds me of the Wild West or Little House on the Prairie. I find these to be really beautiful inspirations, no idea why. I love the floral print and style.

The long sleeved chiffon looking, sheer shirt with nude, high waisted shorts is such a simple and beautiful look. This Rebecca Taylor one that the second the heat strikes, I will be wearing.

Sass and Bide is one of the most original designers. I don’t really understand the point of the thick collar but I love the olive jacket with nude embellishing on the shoulders and pockets. It goes well with the white piece with the same shade nude twisting fabric on the waist. These looks are original yet totally wearable — minus the collars of course.

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Best of the Spring/Summer 2011 Runway

9 Feb

The looks in the Peter Som Spring collection were simple, it was the neon colors that made it so interesting. Literally, I have never seen colors like this. The cuts and the designs were unique, but not as amazing as the colors themselves.

The Donna Karan show was desert inspired and everything had a neutral, earth tone — very Karan’s style. This one dress is so elegant, with the braided collar loosely holding the dress up. The pattern of the dresses literally looks like the earth. The full length, gown with the cuff is just a complete look.

The Yves Saint Laurent look I love because it is a matching crop top with long, maxi skirt with a bustle. It’s such a beautiful look and has pieces of other collections combined into this look — for example, it reminds me a lot of the Prada piece I wrote about earlier.

Proenza Schouler was one of my favorite shows of the season. It is gorgeous, innovative, classic, to die for, all of those adjectives. Talk about mixing patterns? The white/black tweed style blazer with the scoop style and thick piping covers the yellow and white block striped top that looks tweedish as well and the lime with black tweed style skirt. They’re so interesting and amazing. The simple, watermelon colored, oversized jacket has a small notch that changes it up from a simple style. I am so eager for the fall collection, it’s going to be phenomenal I have no doubt.

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Best of the Spring/Summer 2011 Runway

9 Feb

Oscar de la Renta can do no wrong. This seasons collection was made for the redcarpets. Lea Michele already wore one look to the Golden Globes (linked below). The glamour is inherent in these gowns. The colors were intense and strong and the bustles on certain areas accentuated aspects of the dress and the swoop of the bust is so unusual and interesting. The seafoam green is just an example of why, when given simple glamorous dresses, one should always go couture. This gown could easily be made by a lesser brand but the look would not be as gorgeous and genuine.

Sarah Burton can do McQueen almost as well as McQueen himself. The avian quality to this dress makes it look it can literally soar off the runway through the crowd. Not only is the feathered bottom bustle gorgeous and intense but the structured, thick shoulders and turtle neck make it look as if this is all part of the same piece and body. This dress looks as if it is part of her. It’s beautiful and amazing and I love it.

The Matthew Williamson dress is not one of my favorites but I think that the print of it is so fabulous. The mixture of snakeskin colors with turquoises and yellows is creative and ingenious.

Nina Ricci gets acclaim for a lot of her looks, but rarely are they ones that are bursting with color. I love this dress with the way that it looks windblown and swoops. The feathered quality on the shoulder and straps and the depth to the dress despite the mono-tonality of it.

Pucci. This is one of the greatest Pucci looks I have ever seen. It looks like cowgirl chic, with the leather jacket and neutral color palette. The typical Pucci pattern that the fashion house is so famous for is in transformed into the neutral shades of brown which maintain the personality just take it to a whole new level. The braided belt under the bust in the same pattern gives the dress a shape. It’s a beautiful look.

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Best of the Spring/Summer 2011 Runways

9 Feb

This Versace piece is just so fabulous. The fringe and beading in multiple colors creates literally an orgasmic visual piece. I love the short dress and short sleeves.

You know that hairstyle from middle school where you arbitrarily put hairties in your ponytail and create a puffed look between ties? This Giambattista Valli dress reminds me of that, except in a fashionable gorgeous way. I love the yellow floral print on the sheer material and the thick white banding that creates the bubble. The white bustier with the embellishing is cool, although I do think that in combination with everything else it is a bit much.

AH! Prada with some crazy prints. I love the combination here — the sea green and blue and the bold yellow. The pattern looks as if it’s symmetric over the waist with the yellow pattern that reminds me of ornate moldings on vintage chairs. The bustle at the bottom of the skirt just adds that little edge that pushes it into, so cool.

The Spring Rodarte collection was fabulous. I love this look especially because it reminds me of a fashionable cardboard box. The way that the sections of the skirt are stiff and cut and although embellished still look simple. It is a dress that is full of character, which is why I love it so much.

I’m in love with nude blazers. Anne Valérie Hash’s take on the nude blazer is less structured, a look that I really like. It’s simple with the v-neck and shorts, a very nice look for the upcoming season. As I said earlier, I just love seeing simpler looks mixed in with the elegance on the runway. It shows the versatility of a designer.

Mixing bold patterns is big for the Spring season. This is a really easy way to do it, one that wouldn’t attract looks from the less fashionable as other looks sometimes do. The shorts are wonderful. The khaki with little print is perfect with the navy silk patterned top.

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Best of the Spring/Summer 2011 Runway

9 Feb

This Badgley Mishka look reminds me of the simple look of an oversize tank with a tight mini taken to the next level. The sheer tank with the long whice maxi skirt with embellishing is just such an easy, classic look. It’s the kind of thing I can imagine seeing at beach parties all summer long. While most of my favorite looks tend to be redcarpet couture gown style, I do love seeing everyday (or kind of everyday) looks on the runway.

Thakoon’s snakeskin mini dress is just such a great take on the look.

Monique Lhuillier gowns are glamorous and elegant. Mostly they have huge structure and embellishment. Similar to the Elie Saab, what I like so much about it this one was the simplicity of it. It’s a simple pattern but the colors are beautiful. The different shades of green are highlighted by the style. With the wraps and style the color transitions and makes it so beautiful to look at.

Such a fun Missoni caftan-like look. The simple color blocking and thick piping of the style is great. It’s typical Missoni, but manages to reinvent the style within the restraints of the brand.

Similar to the embellishing on the Badgley Mischka skirt, this Antonio Berardi dress is covered in small circular rouching patterns. The pale pink is beautiful and effeminate, the slit adds to the style while the olive green jean-jacket style turns this glamorous evening look into a more wearable style.

The Miu Miu collection was absolutely filled with fun patterns such as this one. I love the colors coming out of the deep black of the base color of the dress though.

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Best of the Spring/Summer 2011 Runways

9 Feb

Picking only one look from an Elie Saab collection may seem impossible, but I didn’t even have to think twice. This is one of the most elegant gowns I’ve ever seen. The matte grey color has so much character and the structured quality of the shoulder wrap and long slit. Of all the Saab dresses that radiate current fashion, this one is without a doubt my favorite.

I’m not a fan of Tommy Hilfiger, but this is a pretty great look. The small, cropped blazer with the black piping is fabulous and the small bustier has a bow in the middle which is just adorable. I love bows and how current they are now. The sheer, mini skirt is great too. This isn’t a high fashion look, but it is definitely one that has style.

This Gucci collection was one of the best collections I have ever seen from the fashion house. The main theme was a neutral color paired with a bold color in a one-piece look with the style and little something extra coming from the way that the material folds to create a feminine look and a splash of gold in each look. For such a defined theme and structured line, each unusual piece has a new quality and special thing. I love this mini, it’s got a warp top which is so cool and the bold orange which is brought out even more intensely by the gold belt.

This was such a fun Carolina Herrera line. There was a floral theme but it manifested differently than in other lines with the theme, like Marc Jacobs’ leather. While some looks had floral prints or colors, some, like this gown I chose, were printed with the pattern of a seed bag. What a cool, innovative take on the floral, Spring idea.

Valentino had such a light collection this season. The colors were typical with Valentino — reds, pinks and neutrals — but they were more unusual cuts. There structured swirl adds depth to the light, nude, sheer dress and pushes it from a simple look to resembling Couture.

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Best of the Spring/Summer Runways

9 Feb

I think Marni, like Missoni, is one of the most innovative and inspirational lines. Not only the use of color but also the cuts are unusual and unique. The second Marni piece is floral and colorful, so youthful yet so mature. The cuts are rarely tight and body-hugging but never fail to flatter the feminine form. It’s unusual and a look I love. The first look pairs bright colors with bold prints which is hard to pull off.

It’s impossible to say anything new or insightful about Chanel, but this fringed strapless piece is to die for.

This Doo.Ri dress is stunning.I’m in love with long sleeved mini’s and the fact that this one is silk and floral print makes it only more interesting. The way it wraps around the woman’s body and is tight while still remaining loose is beautiful. This is the epitome of a perfect spring dress.

I’ve been waiting for this Tibi dress to come available for purchasing for months now — as I said in my Tibi post. The structure and shape of the dress is such an unusual quality and the white lace only adds to it. I’m in love with it.

While Zac Posen usually takes from the J. Mendel book of chic elegance and femininity, this piece is different. The multiple variations of red silk wrapped around and folded into each other is beautiful. I love this style — in sweater layering or in silk, elegant dress. The slit covered in black sheer makes it mature and alluring. A great and unusual piece.

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Best of Spring/Summer 2011 Runway

9 Feb

Although the Lanvin green/grey with the dragonfly dress is getting a huge amount of press – I like the red, one strap version better. The simplicity of the dress is where one can see the brilliance of the design. The two tones of red with the simple leather brown belt show glamour and style. The way that the bottom of the dress moves around the model as she walks down the runway is the kind of look one expects from an editorial not a runway — you can’t fake that. It’s gorgeous and flattering and brilliant from Lanvin.

While I don’t do a lot about Carlos Miele, I thought that this dress was beautiful and innovative. The simplicity of the white contrasted with the creped, tulle looking material in the bold lemon yellow is beautiful and works so well. It’s a very spring/summer dress and radiates warmth. This is a look I would love to see at an awards show although I don’t expect too!

This Aquilano e Romondi looks like a combination of the previous two dresses in an odd way. What I love about it is the combination of masculinity and femininity which is all the rage right now. The shapelessness of the boxy, probably cropped, bright yellow crew neck with an interesting, thick hem is contrasted by the femininity of the form fitting red skirt with the high slit. The simple belt ties the whole outfit together creating a one of a kind look that is totally wearable on an any-day basis and interesting and stylish.

Wow I didn’t realize how much yellow I put in this one image! The Naeem Khan dress I love for the color — the pale, sunshine yellow is so rarely done (except on this page…) and the intricacy and beauty in the embellishing all over the top is great. The whole look provokes a really beautiful image and is reminiscent of like, the Pridelands and Lion King as childish as that sounds.

Agin, the Michael Kors look contrasts femininity and masculinity. Each piece is a masculine cut yet when combined they come off feminine in a totally fabulous, chic way. The oversized work pants with the trench coat over the grey cropped sweater and open white button down — it’s a woman’s take on men’s work clothes. This is utterly sexy and chic in such an odd way.

The spring Christian Siriano collection was to die for. Literally, picking pieces from it was like ripping out my toenails it was so difficult. I settled on this one because of the unusual cut and the print. Siriano uses lots of prints and unusual cuts but this one look had, what I consider to be the most beautiful print he used in the show, the red sheer material with black printing on it. The red sheer is wrapped over a simple strapless grey dress and comes to a crest over the shoulder in such an unusual way. While many of Siriano’s pieces are unusual, this one is on another level. It isn’t a statement dress, it is just a beautiful gown.


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The Best of Spring/Summer 2011 Runway

9 Feb

The next round is upon us!

I love this look from Malandrino — the off the shoulder, deep red gown with interesting material woven into the main garment is great — it reminds me of when someone braids a piece of ribbon into their braid and you can’t stop looking at it wondering how they did it and how it works. This is an entrancing gown.

The Issa look is less glamorous and less couture. That said, it’s a very chic and appropriate take on the crop top and a flattering pair of flowing gaucho-style pants. The colors for the entire Issa collection were stunning, not a dress without a bolt of beautiful color. The turban gives the entire thing a different feel which I quite like. It’s a great style, although only wearable by those in fabulous shape.

This Lela Rose gown reminds me of past Marchesa. Not an utterly original idea with the structured hoop skirt and bustier top but I love the execution.

I adore Alberta Ferretti. I thought this look encompassed her entire collection in an unusual way. The embroidery that the top is composed of is a key look in the rest of the collection — embroidered onto different pieces or creating them (I hope that that made sense). The sheer, dyed bottom of the look is not only beautiful but so on point with the sheer trend this coming season. Also, it took me awhile but they are actually flowing pants, Arabian style, which are gorgeous, and again, totally on point with the season.

The Dolce & Gabbana show was beautiful and is also getting a lot of attention in editorials and on the red carpet (see my other blog where one Dolce & Gabanna dress is shown in numerous editorials and red-carpets). The floral theme permeated both D&G and the Dolce & Gabbana shows. I like this look because it’s innovative. While many lines did the hot pants, they are not the main focus of this look. The floral jacket is. I love this jacket because it’s unusual for such a couture brand to focus on so simple a wardrobe piece as a comfortable jacket — this one looks almost like a hoodie. The cut and pattern are beautiful and I applaud giving such a simple idea such beauty and uniqueness.

I wasn’t a fan of the spring Erin Fetherston collection. I did love this one dress though. The orange silk that makes the main component of the dress is entrancing. The color is perfect, any lighter it is too light and any darker and it is too intense. The shape is very flattering for a normal woman’s figure, something many dresses do not do justice. The nude sheer material that the bottom section is composed of both embodies the trend and allows a woman to show of her heels — something most gorgeous gowns do not allow.

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